Ask a pFOkUS Artist – Should you Grout or Caulk Around a Tub

July 15, 2021

When you want to restore your bathtub or install a new one, the common practice is to apply caulk around the tub to fix it to the floor or wall. But, this is a temporary solution. Caulk deteriorates in some months, leaving your tub vulnerable to mold and stains. It also looks ugly. But, if you ask a pFOkUS artist, they do not recommend caulk around tub

Why does pFOkUS not Approve of Caulk around Tub?

A caulk no more serves its purpose of refraining water from seeping inside once it starts deteriorating..Mold, mildew and stains visible on the caulk are a sign that your caulk is either peeling or cracking. This problem will be faced by you frequently in older bathrooms, because caulk is either made of latex, acrylic or silicone. All these caulk types do not last very long. They tend to peel off when the conditions are too humid or start cracking in dry settings. The maximum lifespan of a caulk is not more than 6 months, as it is not weather-resistant.

When caulk is applied between tub joints, the sole purpose is to seal the surface permanently, such that the tub does not get loose, does not shake and there is no gap between the tub bottom and the floor. Any gaps prevalent will allow water hoarding and subsequent mold and bacteria breeding. pFOkUS has a much better and permanent solution instead of applying caulk around tub.

Apart from the repeated menace of getting your tub corners sealed every five months, you will also find a sharp increase in your home maintenance costs. When the caulk shrinks and cracks, water gets accumulated in the crevices, thereby leading to mold growth. Peeling off caulk also makes mold and mildew breeding very easy in the newly formed gaps in the tub grout. If you ignore this mold and mildew, it will soon spread on the entire tile surface within a week. Mold and mildew leave an ugly greenish-black stain that ruins the look of your interiors. They also ooze a bad smell. The overall effect of mold and mildew on your showers is something very ugly, dirty and smelly.

Issues with Caulk

  • Caulk peels off in wet settings and damp surroundings.
  • The moisture always present in showers also leads to mold breeding, which further deteriorates the caulk. This leaves a greenish-black hued build-up
  • When the weather conditions are too dry, the caulk shrinks and cracks, which leads to gaps in the corners. Water gets stagnant in the gaps and leads to mold development. You will also find mold on the caulk and on the corners often due to this dampness. Mold and mildew when left ignored lead to respiratory and eye problems along with reeking a foul odor.

What is a Better Solution as per a pFOkUS Artist?

There are some new age epoxy resin sealers available in the market, which seal your tub corners perfectly without ever popping off from the surface. These new sealers offer better and permanent results.. Not all contractors offer this service and you need to find out from your contractor about the type of shower sealing service they provide.

pFOkUS artists recommend using their revolutionary solutions  to seal the tub corners. Do not choose caulk over grout if you are looking for a permanent solution to sealing your bathtubs. Ask a pFOkUS artist, and they will direct you to better and more economical solutions. But a pFOkUS artist will advise you to use neither caulk nor grout around a tub. They have much better solutions.

Adding a line of grout to fix the tubs to the corners, walls or floors is also not a good idea as grout is porous. It tends to absorb water and invite mold breeding. If you are using grout lines to fix your tub while installing a new one or while bathroom remodeling, it is a better idea to use pFOkUS’ revolutionary caulk substitute that can be used to repair cracks in tile and grout as well.

They have new-age adhesives that can be used to seal the tub corners and also fix the cracks and gaps. These adhesives are so strong that once applied, they never pop off. Moreover, their products also can be color-matched to your desired grout shade, thereby giving you a chance to match your interiors.

So, if you are planning to remodel your bathroom or get a new one made, consult a pFOkUS artist about the newer and better alternatives available to get permanent solutions.

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