A Close Look At Limestone Tiles

March 10, 2021

Limestone is a sedimentary rock that forms unique architectural fittings. It’s a great stone for countertops and tiles. It has favorable characteristics and a closer look at limestone tiles.


Unique Beauty

Natural stones are an elegant choice for flooring. Limestone tiles in particular offer an unmatched aesthetic appeal. Limestone takes years to form and combines various minerals. Since the combination is left to nature, the characteristics of limestone tiles are unique. No two pieces are identical and this creates a beautiful unique flooring solution. Moreover, the surface on limestone tiles has a great illuminating effect due to the reflective quality.



When it comes to application, limestone tiles have little limitation. They can be used in indoor spaces and the outdoors. The stone is great for patios and pool decks since it can withstand the elements. In indoor spaces, limestone holds the elegance of a natural stone. It evokes a classy ambiance while maintaining a cozy feel. Limestone tiles come in several sizes and shapes. The stone is easy to cut and customize to specific dimensions. Unlike other rocks, you can easily achieve mosaic designs with limestone. The versatility of the stone also means no compromises will be made to custom designs and client preferences.


Soft Feel

Aside from looks, limestone tiles have a great feel. Among all natural stones, limestone is one of the softest and you can tell when you step on it. The tiles feel great on the sole making you postpone putting on shoes. Moreover, limestone tiles offer great insulation keeping warm spaces cool and cooling hot areas. As a result, temperature control is optimized and heating costs are kept low.



Limestone is a durable flooring option. It can last years before showing signs of wear and tear. The stone can withstand high foot traffic in residential spaces. Nonetheless, outdoor limestone flooring shows more wear over time than indoor tiles. Exposure to the elements takes a toll on the outdoor tiles and the surface slowly loses its original luster. Compared to other natural stones, limestone is not as strong. However, its durability still beats other flooring options.


Heavy Weight

Limestone is a heavy rock. Despite its softness, the stone is compact and often requires professional help to handle it. Caution must be exercised while moving limestone tiles to prevent damage from chipping or cracking. Installation is also a daunting task but once everything is in place, the weight of the tiles doesn’t affect functionality or the aesthetic appeal.


Added Value

Limestone tiles are a great addition to a living space. They accentuate beauty and offer other unique benefits. As a result, limestone flooring increases the property value of a home. Moreover, it’s a great selling point if you are looking for tenants or buyers.



Limestone is a porous natural stone with some maintenance needs. Without maintenance, the tiles lose their visual appeal and may suffer damage. Since limestone is a porous rock, it must be sealed to prevent damage from stains and moisture. Sealing is a thorough process but the benefits are far-reaching. One plus side to sealing is its infrequency. You only need to do it once   a year or less. It all depends on how much damage the tiles are exposed to.


Limestone tiles create a lasting impression in any space. They have innumerable benefits and offer a great solution for flooring. The price tag on the stone is affordable with a high value for money. The little cons you get from installing a limestone floor cannot deter you from settling on the option. The closer you look at limestone tiles, the more you will want to buy them.

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