Tired Of Gifting Flowers And Chocolates: Consider These Ten Great Ideas

March 9, 2021

They say nothing can go wrong with chocolates and flowers as gifts for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and birthdays of your loved one. Sure, it is sweet and very thoughtful, but it can get a little boring and predictable, especially if you have been receiving the same love combo for the last five years or more. 

If you want to spice things up and let your loved exclaim “Wow,” here are some great ideas to substitute the standard chocolates and flower options. 

Indoor Plants 

If you do not have a pet or kids yet, grow a plant together. It is an extremely low maintenance hobby, and it is something that both of you can learn together. The bonding moments and time you share over a single plant and soon-to-be plant collection can strengthen your relationship.

Scented Candles 

Delight your partner’s senses with some of his or her favorite scents. This is an excellent and calming gift that can provide an additional sense of peace and relaxation after a stressful day or week. Promote some healthy “me-time” by lighting some scented candles. If you can, have a DIY candle-making session. Creating your candles together can make the moment more memorable; plus, it’s therapeutic too. 


This can be such a treat, especially if your partner is into homey stuff. Ditch the typical coasters with artwork designs and go for a more elegant and sophisticated approach by gifting the rose quartz coasters. Dinner dates with your partner at home will be extra special with this gift.

Work Of Art 

Even if your loved one is not an art connoisseur, a piece of art that reflects his or her personality or something that is a reminder of the person can be more special than your usual box of chocolates. From pottery to sculptures or paintings, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Visa Gift Cards 

You cannot go wrong with this one. If you are bad at picking up gifts then Visa gift cards are the best option, as the recipient can purchase whatever they want and like and everyone’s happy. Want to take it a notch higher? Make it a bouquet of visa gift cards, or, add a sentimental image to the card, such as their favorite place to holiday or their pet, and you will make someone deliriously happy.

Bottle Of Wine 

If you want to create a romantic vibe, then a bottle of champagne or wine will do the trick. You can make it more unforgettable by going on a vineyard trip first and having an excellent wine-tasting adventure.

Coffee Or Tea Gift Basket 

Most folks start their day with coffee, so a coffee gift basket with an elegant or hilarious mug will be truly appreciated. It is a practical gift because it is consumed daily — several times also and a gift that will be well appreciated. If your special one is more of a tea person, then a basket of tea will work the same magic too.

Bath And Grooming Sets 

A set of luxury grooming and body care sets will also make a perfect gift for your loved one. Go for that traditional vanilla-scented body bath or that musky scent for a relaxing skin-care routine.

A Day Off 

Yes, you got that right. You can find a variety of printable templates to choose from or you can create one yourself and give the recipient a break from the monotony of regular chores and the liberty to spend the day any way they like. 

It can either be a day at the salon to get her hair and nails done or a day at the spa to get the kinks off his body. It can be a day to visit the art gallery or just play paintball or even just staying home and catching up on movies or shows or books. This is a day dedicated to your beloved, and whatever they want to do, you do it with them.

Food Baskets

When it comes to food baskets, you are surely spoilt for choice with the options available out there. There are meat, cheese, and cracker baskets, fruit baskets as well and gourmet food fixes too. You can also find a supplier willing to personalize the basket to your liking. 

For consistency’s sake, you can still go for the chocolate and flower routine but do not make them the highlight. Rather let them set the stage for what’s to follow, like a teaser of what is yet to come. 

Considering the suggestions mentioned above can take your relationship to a new level because it means that you are ready to explore better gift ideas to elicit happiness and surprise from your loved ones. The time and effort invested in coming up with a more thoughtful gift is something that will surely be noted and appreciated as well!

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