Timelessly Stylish Gifts For Your Husband And Father

June 20, 2021

Gift giving is a joyful moment to show a friend or loved one how much you mean to them. I love my husband, and I want the classic pieces I choose as gifts for him to reflect his style, taste, and eye for quality. An item that has been carefully selected shows attention to detail, knowing your partner’s preferences, and the coveted skill of curating items that express his style. 

There is nothing like watching him unwrap something I know he will love, and seeing his face light up as he opens it! So, be it for Father’s Day, an anniversary, or a birthday, I want to share the best gifts I have loved giving the men in my life (and that they have loved receiving!) Here are some timeless and stylish gifts to find for your man this year:

Spirits. Beers, wines, and all things “spiked and sparkling” may come and go, but a good bottle of liquor never goes out of style. First, find out his favorite liquor. If he is a whiskey guy, consider a Kentucky favorite like Four Roses or Woodford Reserve. For a bourbon (or other liquors, for that matter), contact a distillery and ask for their recommendations. Choosing a liquor that comes in a cool bottle is always a plus. Regardless of his liquor of choice, consider something that may fall outside what he would typically purchase for himself. Do your homework, and you will surely find a selection he will love. 

Watch. Accessories can speak volumes, and besides telling time, a chic watch brings personality to a man’s ensemble. Personalize it with an engraving, distinguish it with a vintage material like wood, or play with contrasting colors between the bezel and the crystal. You may also consider getting him an elegant pocket watch to make it more unique. It will do the talking for him: “I have major style,” all thanks to you.

Coat. Outerwear tends to be tossed aside as an afterthought, meaning the qualities of comfort and performance often outdo that of fashionable. But, for men and women alike, nothing taints a nice outfit like tasteless or ill-fitting outerwear. Conversely, though, the muted sexiness of a fantastic coat will do absolute wonders for a dude’s wardrobe. It is a staple piece that he can enjoy for years.

Dopp kit. When packing for a trip, it might drive you crazy to see your partner throw his toiletries haphazardly into a plastic bag, or worse, directly into his suitcase. Banish this packing faux pas for good, and get him a durable dopp kit. These specialized toiletry bags are the best gift he never knew he needed. Find a piece with a good fabric (such as full-grain leather) and a strong zipper, and you have a bag that will last a lifetime. 

Bag. There comes a time in a man’s life when he’s due for an upgrade: graduating from backpack to briefcase. Nothing screams “professional” and “executive” like a sleek and well-crafted briefcase. Even its casual cousin, the messenger bag, adds an elevated element to a man’s outfit. 

A smart selection such as these men’s designer bags by Bally make a portable, practical and fashionable gift.

Flowers. Roses are red, violets are blue, give your loved ones a bouquet they can chew! While some men actually do love flowers, a more unique idea is a beef jerky bouquet. You read that right! Manly Man Father’s Day bouquet is sure to make both your father AND his stomach very, very happy.

They say when a man has a special woman in his life, she plays a certain role in refining the man. With each new piece you gift him, you get the chance to not only show him your love, but also develop his own style of expression.

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