5 Fun Things to Do at the Beach

July 17, 2021

Children love spending all day on the Sandy Beaches, whether they are visiting nearby lakes or tropical waters.  But sometimes, it’s fun to switch things, so some activities put together this list of 5 things to do on the beach with the kids.

All you need for these activities and games are a few simple supplies. Most of them are probably already in your beach bag. Also, don’t forget about snacks, moisture and sunscreen (preferably a physical SPF 30+ sunscreen reapplied regularly).

Beach activities you should try.

  1. Coastal truck and Canal Race

You can plan and make a list of the things you can find near the ocean, such as seagulls, kites, sandcastles, and life preservers. Your child will complete the treasure hunt and find all the items that will be rewarded.  Ask your child to collect shells, driftwood, rocks, and sea grass. Once you have a treasure trove of supplies, you can use what you discover to create an “image” in the sand.

This game is mostly played in the Sandy Beaches Near London if there is a slight slope leading to the water. You will need as many ping-pong balls as there are teams or participants. Each team digs a canal from the starting point to the water. Teams put a ping-pong ball in their channel at the start line, then empty buckets of water into the channel so the ball moves toward the water. The longer the canal, the more exciting the race will.

  1. Bounce with a blanket and Arena ski ball

This could be one of the best beach games on your towel! In Sandy Beaches Near London it is all about Challenge the kids to hold and stretch towel taut and bounce the beach ball in the air to catch it with a towel. Look at how long they can keep doing it.

Draw circles and numbers on the sand to create a game that resembles a ski ball. Each circle can correspond to a point value (for example, the largest circle can have 5 points, the middle circle can have 10 points, and the smallest circle can have 15 points). Throw shells, rocks, or small toys into the circle to collect points.

  1. Bowling on the beach

This Sandy Beaches Near London where you can play many fun beach games for kids requires six plastic bottles. Partially fill them with sand and place them in a pyramid shape (three at the bottom, two in the centre, and one at the top). Like makeshift bowling, you roll the tennis balls in order and knock them down.

Your child can play skeletons in the sand, tic-tac-toe, and hangman. All they need is a drawing tool (like a stick) and imagination! Some discoveries on the beach, like sticks and shells, can further enhance the game.

In Sandy Beaches Near London you can also Make sundial using driftwood and rocks. Every hour, ask your child to place a mountain of rocks behind the stick. As the days go by, the shadows move in a circle like the hands of a clock!

  1. Treasure Hunt:

If you don’t want to organize a one clue type treasure hunt leads to another clue, provide each child with a to-find list (which can be a written list or a list with pictures) and a bucket in which to collect their treasures. Have your children find driftwood, seashells, pebbles, crabs, something round, something blue, a feather, etc. You will find a ready-to-use list on my walking treasure hunt article, print it and go.  You may also want to visit dog-friendly beaches for your vacation and play games with your loving pet.

  1. Shark and Fish:

In Sandy Beaches Near London beach game can be played on the shore, in shallow or deep water. One person is referred to as the shark. The other players are the fish. If the players are older, you can blindfold the shark to make the game more difficult. The fish swim around the shark, which must catch them. When the shark hits a fish, it becomes a member of the shark team and now helps it catch the rest of the fish. The last person who is caught is crowned the fastest fish.

Conclusion: Whether your child is 2 or 12 years or old try some of these beach games and activities and have an exciting day in the sun. Your family will make lifelong memories. So Go Travel Mate and enjoy your life.


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