Guide in Buying the Ideal Engagement Ring

July 20, 2021


Buying a perfect engagement ring for the person you want to marry is a major event for a relationship and financial aspect. Of course, you want nothing but a perfect ring for the love of your life, but is it within your budget? As there are many choices for engagement rings. Here are a few guides when looking for that very important ring.

The centrepiece stone

A significant centre stone may be seen in almost all engagement rings. If you have decided on some sort of diamond, you will need to decide on a shape for the centrepiece. Gemstones come in different shapes, too.

If you would like a slender finger look, vertical shapes would be a great option like oval, marquise or pear. These shapes give perfect sparkle. At the same time, emerald and Asscher cuts feature shiny facets. They do not just emit the glow of brilliant cuts, and these facets are simply sophisticated and chic. The cushion-cut is the old style that will give you a vintage feel. Heart-shaped stones, on the other hand, lend romance and charm to a design.

Knowing the 4Cs

The 4Cs are the next stage once you have settled on the shape. Diamond prices are deeply influenced by colour, clarity, cut, and carat. However, diamonds verified and rated by one of the world’s premier gemstone laboratories are guaranteed to be genuine and high quality. Learn more about the 4Cs.

  • Colour: Diamonds are rated from D to Z. The D stands for colourless, wherein Z stands for light yellow. If You have a limited budget, you can reduce this C since warmer-toned diamonds may be obscured by yellow gold.
  • Clarity: Clarity levels vary from FL for Flawless FL to I for Included. These gradings are determined on a 10x magnification of the diamond.
  • Cut: Many facets must be featured on a diamond’s shape. For a cut of a diamond to be considered ideal, these facets should be cut accurately and properly.
  • Carat: The fourth C. One decimal in carat weight can make a considerable difference throughout the cost of a stone. Prices will rise if customers choose a full-carat, but the size difference within a 0.90-carat diamond as well as a full carat is minimal.

Choosing which metal is perfect

White gold is the most common metal for rings since it is less costly than platinum and has a similar lustre. Platinum is the toughest metal to work with, but it is also the most expensive. Rose gold is made from a combination of yellow gold and copper. Rose gold is a popular pinkish metal that gives a flush of passion to engagement rings.

Extra details

Do you wish to use side stones in addition to the centre stone? Then, it is time to add any extra details for a more customised touch. For example, some clients enjoy incorporating birthstones alongside a centrepiece diamond. Of course, diamond accent stones are always stunning. Just make sure that the form of your side stone matches the design of your main stone.

Whether you can purchase the most expensive engagement ring or just what you can buy within your budget is fine. What’s important is that you love the person who will wear it.



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