What To Do If Your Dog Scratches The Bed Sheets

July 22, 2021

Dogs behave weirdly at times. One of such weird behaviors can be scratching your bedsheets. As it looks quite abnormal, you must have seriously thought sometimes — “why does my dog scratch the bed sheets“?

Initially, you can check your bedsheet to find any critters or fleas. If you find nothing, just relax. But if your dog keeps on scratching your bedsheets, you should seriously look into the matter.

Here you learn why your dog tends to scratch the bedsheets and what you can do to stop it.

Reasons Why Your Dog Scratches The Bed Sheets

Dogs scratch things in their comfortable places as they have it in their DNA. When your dogs stay somewhere outside, they tend to scratch the ground before snoozing. They usually burrow immediately after prey when they are on a hunt.

Your dog can also scratch bed sheets when they are overheated. As your dog’s paws have sweat glands, they scratch exteriors like bedsheets to calm down. You can also see them at times trying to dig into your bed rather than scratching.

What To Do When Your Dog Scratches The Bed Sheets

  • Take your pet for a walk

Take your dog for a walk every day before they sleep. It is good that the area has a specific rough surface filled with sand where dogs can scratch without worries. Go to a safe place in your yard where they can dig and burrow materials that are pretty natural for a dog to do.

  • Keep things relaxed and calm

Make your dog feel comfortable inside your home. When they feel relaxed, they would sleep immediately and peacefully and stop scratching their bedsheets.

  • Do not let him or her sleep in the bed

Follow a “no-dog” policy on your bed. The procedure demands certain training. You will have to encourage your dog to sleep somewhere else, like on the floor or bed, so it learns sheets are not for tearing.

Keep your snacks and toys away from your bed, so your dog does not feel like digging for them. Pay attention to your bedroom temperature at night, so your dog does not require you to stay cool or warm. Invest in seamless sheets and covers. Avoid embroidered sheets and covers.

What Else Can You Do?

To prevent bed sheet scratching, keep your dog’s claws short. If you have a special room for your pet with a bed, provide them with bed sheets and blankets, so they don’t scratch yours. You could buy blankets from Pet Parents, as they sell premium blankets that your pets will surely love.

It would help if you also crumbled them up to make them interested in settling in the area. Thus, the area will start smelling like them. When you change the bedsheets, they will still feel a part of the bed and sheets that smell like them.

Bottom Line

When your dog scratches your bed sheets frequently, you tend to think “why does my dog scratch my bedsheets”. Hopefully, you have found the possible answers to your question from this post. Now, you need to take the right initiatives to stop them from scratching your bedsheets.

If your dog does not stop scratching your bedsheets even after taking steps, take them to the veterinarian. 

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