Amazon Product Promotions: The Do’s and Don’ts in 2021

July 22, 2021

 Promotions are a vital part of every sales effort. It does not matter whether you want to sell in the conventional world or want to enhance your selling online, the promotions matter. Promotions are the only thing that drives sales. It starts with the awareness campaign and continues with branding and positioning. It is done to bring the people to your store. The store traffic is a key to enhance sales and that can only be managed through promotions. The promotions are not solely about ads and business communication alone when we talk about online sales. Search engine optimization has a due role to play in promotions. It is part of the digital marketing scheme and one cannot just consider the marketing as complete without taking SEO into the account. Since Amazon works as a search engine as well so it becomes even vital to carry Amazon SEO to the next level. 

There will be no exaggeration in saying that pay-per-click ads and Amazon SEO together drive sales for an Amazon seller. And, one will have to consider SEO as part of the marketing when it comes to selling swiftly on Amazon. Now when it is clear that how to do promotions on Amazon, it is good to learn it to the core. One can consult an Amazon marketing agency for proper help in this regard. It is also good to know the dos and don’ts of Amazon product promotions. 

Product sales ranks and their connection to the promotions 

Amazon keeps awarding the products that perform best on the platform. It awards the best-selling products with the best sellers rank and it serves sellers. The sales velocity of a product is directly proportional to the best seller’s rank. One can see a dramatic selling speed for the products that are awarded the BSR. Amazon BSR makes a product appear in the organic search results more often as compared to the products offered on the platform with the BSR. The organic search results also rely on SEO but BSR has a profound effect. 

The more you sell the more likely you are to receive the best sellers rank from Amazon. But it is also vital to notice that Amazon considers it as the manipulation of the BSR when a seller takes advantage of it. 

Always play it safe – when it comes to Amazon 

It has often been seen that a seller is blocked from selling on the platform even after its product has gained the best seller’s rank. It is not that common on the platform but at times it happens. Hence you need to make sure that it must not happen with your product on your seller’s account. Visit website now to know more about how to avoid the bad repute after earning the good one. 

It is good to know the platform guidelines when it comes to promotions and things like BSR and SEO. If you think that what you are doing may be considered illegal by the platform then it is always good to get the consultation. Try to know the terms of service and Amazon’s guidelines to avoid misuse of the seller’s rank. 

Breaking it all down 

Breaking it all down will help you understand the phenomenon better. You will be able to perform better after knowing the dos and don’ts to the core. The following analysis will surely help you as a seller. 

BSR is a true and natural indicator for the customer to evaluate the product popularity

Amazon takes care of its customers and keeps serving them with the best of the products. It offers the natural popularity of a product for serving the customers better. But when the BSR is manipulated then it means nothing but misleading the customers about the repute of a product. 

BSR manipulation is prohibited 

It is good to know for a seller that Amazon does render a product the best sellers rank but it prohibits its manipulation. Although Amazon prohibits BSR manipulation it never offers any exact magic number at all. This is why it is always good to get expert advice on the matter. 

You cannot accept fake or fraudulent orders 

Amazon considers this very seriously when it comes to promotions and sales. It is generally known as sock pupating and it can lead to account suspension as well. So if you are placing fake orders to buy your products or involving your friends to do it for you then you are simply violating Amazon’s guidelines. 

You cannot compensate buyers for buying your products 

It is good to promote your products but you are prohibited to compensate buyers in any way for buying your products. A few of the sellers took a risk in the beginning for the sake of the seller’s rank but it can backfire at any time. 

You can’t claim BSR in the product descriptions 

Since it is awarded naturally by Amazon so you cannot mention it in the product descriptions. It is against the policy and terms of service of the platform. 

Ask the experts and take care of the following factors 

Don’t make a giant spike 

An overnight success might just amaze you and many of the competitors. But it can prove fatal for you as a seller. Amazon is very likely to flag your account if your sales are going up in a flash. It becomes even more suspicious when you are getting the reviews at an equally rapid rate. 

Don’t manipulate PPC campaigns

Some sellers tend to use bizarre techniques to promote their products using PPC. This is always likely to lead to detrimental outcomes. It is good to follow the guidelines before running any of the PPC campaigns. 

Suspicion can quickly take your account to the suspension

Any suspicious activity is likely to lead to the account suspension. This is why you are strongly recommended to take care of the terms of service while doing promotions for your products. 

Try the best practices 

It is strongly recommended that you should remain standard as a seller on Amazon. Take care of your customers and try to remain organic and genuine. The best practices are likely to earn you a good rank and a stable future for your Amazon business. 

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