Why All Brides Should Consider a Layered Wedding Dress

July 23, 2021


Choosing the perfect wedding dress is easier said than done. All brides and brides-to-be know this too well. Many say that when a bride tries on her perfect dress, she’ll know instantly. This may be true, but when looking for that perfect dress, a bride should also do some research and explore all options. 

Finding out what dress you really want


Ask yourself, “What do I want?”, when you’re getting married, everyone suddenly has opinions on everything. Rather than listening to all these opinions, take a quiet moment to yourself and think. What colors have you always been drawn to? Do you want a sleeveless dress? Are you interested in wedding dresses with color accents? 

A wedding gown will always be a special outfit for every woman. If you look at the history of wedding dresses, in most cases, it represented the social status of the bride and her future husband. Instead, today, the wedding dress reflects the individual tastes and preferences of the bride, a manifestation of her freedom and independence of the inner world. The modern bride knows her price. Only she decides what the dress of her dreams will be for such a special event.

That is why cotton wedding dresses in simple women’s silhouettes, emphasizing naturalness and comfort, are now trendy. Returning true values ​​to wedding fashion is increasingly becoming a major vector for the bride. For example, choosing an ethical wedding dress that a woman can wear for other holidays throughout her life is very rational and environmentally friendly.

Why choose a layered gown?


A popular option in recent years is a layered gown. Whether you choose a layered lace wedding dress or a layered different color wedding dress, having a gown that has layers of floaty tulle will make you feel like a princess. The layers can be long and sheer to provide the dress silhouette with volume, but they could also be different lengths to reveal the many pieces of fabric. There’s a different layered dress for every bride, so make sure to check this style out when dress hunting.

Where to find the right dress


A great place to start looking for wedding dresses is at Cathy Telle. The highly skilled and experienced team at Cathy Telle provides modern elegance for all brides: from endless gowns with layers of draped fabric to contemporary bodice gowns. They believe that layered dresses should be feminine, light and they should have a hint of playfulness. One of the best elements about layered dresses is their movement. When you take your wedding photos, the dress will seem weightless, and the fabric will fall in gorgeous patterns. 

Every layered bridal gown is different


If you want a layered wedding dress with a unique feature, try the off-white cape wedding gown from Cathy Telle. This delicately draped dress features a sheer cape layer inserted at the shoulder points of the dress. It creates a fluid silhouette and makes for gorgeous wedding photos outside. The gown also featured hand-cut silk petals and crystal embroidery; these delicate handcrafted details are Cathy Tell’s work trademarks. However, the details are always the focus. 


Some brides like to have a boho feel to their big day. If this is your aesthetic, the off-white open-back boho wedding gown might be perfect for your big day. This gown features a scoop back with long sleeves. The dress has a layered skirt for a feminine feel and a sheer lace fabric for the bodice. In addition, it features fabric petals trapped under a see-through layer to give a subtle floral look rather than an over-the-top feel. 


Fashionistas and trendsetters should check out the spaghetti strap lilac wedding dress. This dress isn’t your standard flowy dress. Instead, it features a structural bodice cut with expertly folded fabric that encapsulates a tiered skirt. In the fabric are hand-cut silk flowers that appear to be “floating” down the main skirt. But, again, this isn’t your standard wedding dress – this is a piece of couture the bride will admire for her whole life. 

What are bridal trends popular now?


Other popular dress trends at the moment are lace appliques for wedding dresses and cotton wedding dresses. These bridal trends are all featured amongst Cathy Telle’s layered wedding dresses, giving brides worldwide options for their gown. In addition, casual cotton wedding dresses are also jumping into popular bride blogs and bride media. These options are a laidback take on the traditional white gown, offering brides-to-be a relaxed dress to tie the knot in.

All of the wedding dresses are for sale online, giving women the chance to order their dresses remotely. The dresses are made from the bride’s own measurements, and they are crafted to fit your body and height. A tailor-made dress will have you feeling confident and beautiful on your wedding day, thanks to Cathy Telle.

This workshop is known for its unique attitude to each dress. Like the hand of a real Renaissance artist, a wedding dress with hand embroidery looks State-of-the-Art – when it seems that the mysterious grass and flower patterns are the only thing the bride is wearing with a skirt that falls to the ground by a waterfall of softer fabric.

The aesthetic pleasure of visiting the site of this workshop will allow you to understand better your desires and how your ideal wedding dress should look like. In addition, you may discover new models that even readers of glossy magazines have never seen before.

If you are looking to buy a wedding dress, or want more inspiration, just visit Cathy Telle’s store.


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