Why DMaaS Is the Future of Data Management

July 27, 2021

There are issues of scalability for how companies are supposed to interconnect their data management systems, and there are issues around the sheer weight of data that needs to be collected, but that is not the crux of the matter. The crux is that people want to know if DMaaS is to us, what the Internet was to the fax machine. What people want to know is, will all businesses one day be using DMaaS? Will our grand kids look back and wonder how we ever got along without it? Are services like https://www.digitaloilandgas.solutions/data-management-as-a-service-dmaas/ going to become a mainstay of modern business?

Progress is Compartmentalized

That is an unfair statement since progress happens in every industry, even if some do not need to jump on the latest technological trends. For example, fairground horses are still hand laminated by fiberglass workers rather than them all being 3D printed. 

To put it more fairly, some companies are not going to be able to compete on the highest levels if they do not use DMaaS in their near future. Some companies are going to get along fine without DMaaS, and most companies are not going to need it. 

Most Companies Won’t Need DMaaS?

That is not a hot take, it is just that there are thousands of different business types and tens of thousands of ways to run them, and the fact is that some businesses (big or small) simply won’t need DMaaS. 

Your local sea life center doesn’t need it. Nor do the pie factories down the street or network or proofreaders. You may say to yourself that the pie factories could probably use a good DMaaS system, but they “Can” get along and compete on a high level without DMaaS.

Compartmentalized Use of DMaaS

To continue the point, many companies can get along fine and compete on a high level without DMaaS, but there are some that cannot. There are certain companies that need to get a firm hold of DMaaS because it is their future, and if they do not catch up quick, then they will be left behind. 

There is a similar situation going on in the gaming industry at the moment. Game development companies need Cloud computing in order to compete on a high level. This generation’s graphics on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox whichever (S, X, One, 5, DD, etc.), require a level of computing that is far above the capacity of most development companies. Sure, there are the bigger companies that can afford to run their own server farms, but they are paying hundreds of thousands extra for the same thing an indie developer can have through Cloud computing. Without Cloud computing, even testing a few dynamic backgrounds would take hours of rendering if it were done in office.

Again, a developer can get by without Cloud computing, but they cannot compete at a higher level (e.g. creating AA or AAA games for modern-gen computers). They would have to stick to smaller indie games. Modern companies have a similar problem with DMaaS, there are some that can get along without it, but they are going to struggle to compete at a higher level.

DMaaS Is the Future Because it Does Not Require Sacrifice

As the introduction suggested, there are reasons why DMaaS is so popular and why it is going to dominate in the future. It allows companies to interconnect without having to set up networks themselves, it allows for easier scaling, quicker processing and so forth. Plus, as mentioned in this article, some companies will not be able to compete on a high level without DMaaS. But, there is a bigger reason why DMaaS is going to be the future, and that is that DMaaS doesn’t require a sacrifice. 

Take a look at the chicken egg industry. Free range chicken eggs should be dominating. For the sake of a few extra cents, a chicken goes from being force fed in a shoe box cage all its life, to roaming free in fields and barns. But, it requires a sacrifice. of around five cents more per egg. Hence the reason every cake you eat, every pasta meal, every slice of bread you eat, has been made with caged eggs.

DMaaS doesn’t require a sacrifice. It doesn’t mean building server rooms, it doesn’t mean installing a new data collection system, it doesn’t mean changing your methods in a big way, and training is no different than what your staff were already doing (just a few tweaks to the process). DMaaS doesn’t require a big upheaval or any sort of sacrifice other than then money you pay for the service (and in most cases DMaaS is cheaper than doing it yourself). The lack of sacrifice. alone is the reason why DMaaS is going to become a mainstay of some industries and business types in the future.

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