Is the Sig P365 Tacpac Worth Spending the Extra Money?

July 28, 2021

If you’re in the market for a new concealed carry pistol for personal use or home defence, then you’ll likely be considering the regular Sig P365 and the Sig P365 Tacpac. Now, the latter costs a little more than the former, but you do get some extra kit thrown in.

In this blog, we’ll be looking at the differences between the two options, what you get and ultimately whether the extra cost of the Tacpac version is justified. So, let’s start by looking at what you get with each choice.

The Regular P365

So, it’s important to say that whether you go for the regular P365 or the Sig P365 Tacpac, you get the same 9mm pistol with stippled grip that’s rated for +P ammo and a sturdy carry case. The one difference, however, is that you get a standard green sight.

The carry case for the P365 is a little smaller than the one offered as part of the Tacpac option, as it contains less gear. Inside you’ll find the protective sponge interior, as well as two 10-round magazines. One features finger support, whereas the other doesn’t.

The Sig P365 Tacpac

So, with the more expensive option, you get the same high quality pistol, but this time you get the three 12-round magazines and a XRAY Day/Night sights as standards. That’s not all though.

You also get a good quality inside/outside ambi holster that makes concealed carrying on your waistband really convenient and secure.

So, is it worth it?

Ok, so the cheaper option is going to cost you around $500, with the more expensive choice only setting you back some $50-$100 more. For that, you get quite a bit of extra gear that increases the amount of rounds you can carry and gives you what you need to conceal carry.

In our opinion, based on the waistband holster alone, you’re getting value for money, as you’ll pay at least this amount for a comparable third-party product. You also get the improved sight with the Sig Tacpac, as well as the extra mag and the extra mag capacity.

Sure, this is dependent on what the user needs, as someone just buying a P365 for home defense isn’t necessarily going to need what the Tacpac offers, however, if you are going to benefit from the enhanced features, it represents an enhanced option that’s well worth looking at.

Our Advice – Go for the Sig P365 Tacpac

When you buy quality firearms made from top-quality manufacturers like Sig Sauer, you know that you’re going to get a product that’s worth the money. That said, you do want to get something that’s appropriate for your needs.

Of course, it’s your prerogative which choice you go for, but in our unbiased opinion, we’d be going for the Tacpac every day of the week. It just represents better value, especially if you’re using it on a concealed carry basis.

We’re only talking about a couple more rounds and while most times you’re not going to use more than ten during any sort of altercation, those 2 extra rounds can literally be a life saver. Whichever option you go for, we hope it serves you well.







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