How To Celebrate A Religious Holiday While Traveling

July 24, 2020

Although, your faith does not stay at home when you travel, it can be hard to observe religious customs and holidays when you are away, because you do not have access to your place of worship, leadership, or religious community. 

However, it is possible to observe religious customs and holidays while you are away. With some creativity and preparation, you can use the strategies outlined here to incorporate your religious practices into your travels.

Plan Your Stops


Organize your itinerary with your faith in mind. Plan to stop in communities that have appropriate facilities and be there for your day of worship. Some places have services in the morning while others offer evening services. Some worship centers may offer both. Check the website or social media account of the religious facility you are planning to attend. This way, you can be informed of any schedule changes or special requirements for their service. 

Prepare Your Vehicle


If you are driving, there are some essential things to do before you depart. Get your vehicle inspected by a mechanic to ensure everything is working correctly. Get the oil changed, top off your fluids, and rotate your tires. You will start your journey with peace of mind knowing your vehicle is in good condition and ready for the journey ahead.

Before you leave on a long trip. Secure an extended warranty on your recreational vehicle (RV). Today’s Best Company outlines several RV extended warranties you can consider. They explain what the warranties cover and offer tips to help you select the best warranty for your RV. With an extended warranty, you will not have to worry about expensive repairs jeopardizing your travel plans.

Pack Appropriately


Bring suitable clothing if you plan to attend a service while you are away. Visiting a religious facility’s website or social media page can help determine if the facility prefers formal or casual attire. 

Pack appropriate religious materials with you. For example, some churches prefer visitors to present a letter of commendation from their home church elders. You may also want to have your religious text with you to refer to during your journey.

Plan Your Service


Your journey may not be close to centers of worship, but you may still wish to observe the religious holiday. Bring appropriate materials with you for the rituals you will observe. For example, if you are traveling before Christmas, you may wish to bring Advent candles with you. If you are away for your regular communion service, you can invest in a portable communion set and bring the set and supplies with you to perform your own communion service. 

The leadership from your regular place of worship may be able to provide you with an inspirational passage or devotional to read as part of your worship service. You may also be able to purchase a CD with religious songs sung in your place of worship. Sing along to the CD and read the text provided as part of your worship service.

Participate In A Remote Service

Your travels may not take you to locations with appropriate worship centers, but you may be able to use technology to connect with a service. Some religious centers broadcast services on television or Youtube. Invest in an excellent wireless plan and bring a laptop that you can tether to your smartphone. You will be able to watch and listen to a service over the internet from any location with a wireless signal. 

Tune in and listen to a radio service through one of the religious radio programs in your area. It is possible to access Islamic, Jewish, Christian, and Hindu stations. There are also radio programs presented in Korean, Spanish, and other languages. With a little research, it may be possible for you to observe your faith and celebrate important religious holidays with a radio broadcast.

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