Miami Clubbing 101: Where To Party And What To Wear

July 24, 2020

Clubbing is a hot, popular activity, and nowhere is better to party than Miami, FL. From downtown Miami to South Beach, you can bet there is a party going on somewhere. Celebrities and big-name DJs grace the clubs to give you a night to remember. Whatever club scene you prefer, there is something for you in Miami. 

If you are new to the scene, it may seem overwhelming to conquer it all at once. With literally thousands of Miami clubs, where should you even start? Do mot worry, we have the details on the hottest night clubs, whatever your style may be. Do you like dancing in a crowded basement bar, or would you rather turn up on the beach? Maybe you do not even have to choose. Just remember as you are planning your night out, the Miami club scene is not just a place to go, but also a place to be seen. Dress the part for a night that will blow your mind.

Dance Clubs

When you think of a nightclub, you immediately think about live music and dancing. If a DJ and a dance floor are what you are looking for, the best dance clubs in the world are right in the heart of Miami. Here are some of the top contenders for you to check out. 

  • E11ven

A dance club with topless aerial performers and a rooftop bar — what could be better than that? With a two-floor club space, keep a lookout for celebs like Drake and Marshmellow who often pop in for a visit and a good time. 

  • LIV

This club is full of extravagance and has had its fair share of celebrity exposure. In fact, Kanye and the Chainsmokers have rapped and sang about this entertainment venue. If you are looking for good EDM and an exclusive experience, you have to check out LIV. 

  • Basement

Some clubs offer more than just a bar and a dance floor. Basement also boasts an indoor ice skating rink and bowling. This intimate space is seen as an adult playground and is exclusive within the Miami scene. 

Yacht Parties

While the dance clubs and nightlife scene is fantastic, a physical club is not the only venue Miami has to offer. The outdoor activities on yachts and beaches are unparalleled. Do not wait till Saturday night to get the party started; you can rent a yacht on Friday morning. Check out Rockstar Yacht Rentals or Miami 5 Star Yacht Rentals for a chance to party on a boat all day. You can party and play with water sports, romantic dinners, and of course, yacht parties.

Dress To Impress

Now, the club scene in Miami is so much more than just a venue. If you want to party with the best of them, you have to look the part. Leave the tourist wear, t-shirts, and flip flops at home — this is a job for petite cocktail dresses and stilettos. Miami fashion is creative, so feel free to experiment with your sheath dress or a funky color scheme. Just know some clubs and restaurants do maintain a dress code, so bring your cocktail attire and be ready to dress your best. 

The goal in Miami is to be noticed. Do not be afraid to stand out and look your absolute best, because the occasion absolutely calls for it.


Plan Your Night

A big tip is to plan out your Miami nightlife experience. As great as these clubs are, sometimes it may be tricky to get in, especially if a big name DJ is spinning that night. See if you need to reserve tickets in advance. If you really want to do it right, buy a table inside the club. But, be aware this could be a costly venture up to $1000. If you do not have that kind of money to spend, we recommend you befriend a club influencer to get in, or just arrive early. You want to enjoy your night inside the club rather than waiting outside for hours. Plan ahead so you can have a great time at the best places.

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