How To Become A Better Deer Hunter

July 24, 2020

The world of hunting is a complicated one. Not all of us are gifted enough to be able to pick up a gun, go off into the wilderness, and come back with a full grown adult mule deer. Instead, we turn to the internet in the hopes that the people before us have recorded their tips and tricks. In the case of how to score a mule deer? We are lucky enough to have the pointers of those that came before.

Let us look more closely at mule deer hunting and get to grips with it:

Become A Better Mule Deer Hunter in A Few Easy Steps

So, if you want to be better at mule deer hunting, you should read and obey the following principles.

Timing Is Everything

This first tip comes courtesy of the Game and Fish magazine. They suggest that every added hunter that arrives throughout the opening season, is one more added difficulty point in scoring the best deer. Arriving as the season opens, getting out there and setting up, gives you the best chance of scoring a mule deer. 

This tip is based on the simple law of traffic. The more people, vehicles, traffic, or other hunters that come into an area, the more chance of the deer being scared away. Not all hunters are experienced and certainly not all hunters will use your methods. Get there early, go as deep into the territory as you can, and buckle in for a successful session.

Choose Location Wisely

Which reminds us of a tip we came across early on in our own hunting days. We were listening in to one of the old timers, who told a real funny story about his first hunt. He set up a den with his buddies, waited all night, then in the morning they see the deer come over the skyline and they get ready. They are in there, waiting, and then a car drove over the horizon and scared the dang deer away. 

The moral of this story? Make sure you do not set up beside a road.

You Can Never Be Too Prepared

Our next tip is gleamed from Outdoor Canada, the Canadian deer hunting wonder crew. They cover bow hunting, which is a good resource for all you bow hunters. Their top tip is that you can never be too prepared come season. They are right. If you start spotting your perfect points of interest before the season even starts, you will be able to set up in a spot that almost guarantees you will score that mule deer. 

YoYou should keep in mind that the habitual paths the deer tread will change now and again, especially if there is a predator in the area. However, watch the patterns long enough with good quality 4x scopes and you should start seeing behavioural norms. Hunting a mule deer is so much easier when you are able to predict their movements.

Get Out There And Bag A Mule Deer

Now that you have collated the top tips on hunting a mule deer from throughout the internet, you are ready to start stepping up your game hunt. Good luck out there. Do not forget to put safety first!

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