Five Reasons To Hunt With An AR-15 Rifle

April 11, 2021

For a hunting enthusiast, the choice of rifles matters a lot. Of course, everyone has different preferences. But there has to be some reason behind the AR model’s popularity. In America, around 27% of hunting professionals have used AR rifles for hunting a game. The number is definitely not little. 

So, what do we have here? Hunting with the best hunting rifles indeed gives you an advanced footing in the game. But is the AR15 the right choice? You would get different opinions on this. For some, it is a tool designed with perfection to pierce a distant target or take down an animal or intruder with a single precise shot. 

For others, it is just a toy covered with black plastic and metal, an inefficient choice for hunting games. Some even see it as a symbol of core American values. But we cannot deny that AR hunting rifles have had a great place in the hearts of Americans. So, here we present five reasons to hunt with an AR-15 rifle:

  1. Hunting Games Efficiently

With the growing population of feral hogs, hog hunting has become more popular than ever. With their number standing somewhere between 4 to 5 million, we can clearly imagine how devastating it can become for our population. Just imagine a bunch of hogs crushing everything on their way to their food. It can be you, your dog, or a bed of roses. 

Hog hunting, therefore, has become a popular sport. AR15 is, undoubtedly, one of the best hunting rifles for this game. These rifles are lightweight and offer easy swing and accurate targets. Apart from hogs, AR15 rifles are an excellent choice for deer hunting, prairie dog hunting, and coyote hunting. 

  1. Compact and Lightweight 

Hunting is a swift yet steady process. You can never predict when to run and when to wait. Therefore, most hunters avoid taking unnecessary loads. In such a case, AR15 is a perfect hunting rifle choice. It has a comparatively lightweight and compact design that lets you concentrate on your game. 

Most hunters enjoy its vertical grip. The free-handle at the front also makes gripping more comfortable and reliable. AR15 has a front carry sling system that makes it easy to hang it on your shoulders. 

So, you can easily walk extended distances without worrying about carrying the rifle. The front carry is also a good feature that allows a swift, maneuverable first move when a game is spotted. So, a hunter does not have to worry about his gun since he can always have it with himself. 

  1. Semi-Automatic Hunting Gun

Many people think that semi-automatic guns are incapable of providing better shooting experiences. But the truth is quite the opposite. Semi-automatic rifles offer you much more ground while hunting. The best thing about having a semi-automatic gun is its semi-automatic reloading process. 

Staying focused while hunting a game is crucial. Earlier, with a bolt gun, you would have to release the rifle thoroughly to find the bolt, cycle it, and return to the trigger before firing a second shot. 

But with a semi-automatic rifle, you get to stay focused on your game. It is specifically helpful when targeting multiple targets or when a quick second shot is necessary. 

  1. Ethical Shooting 

According to some, AR15 models are unethical for shooting. They establish the statement by saying how it does not give the game a chance. The problem with these people who do not hunt is that they think hunting is extremely easy. They probably think that when hunters get into a forest, they find animals standing in line, waiting for them to pick one. 

But sadly, it does not happen like that. Hunters have to use every single chance. Ethical hunting is something different. It is about picking the right animal and doing it with the least animal suffering. Semi-automatic models are perfect for the job. Consider using the top choices of scopes for a better target. 

  1. Used for Both Hunting and Defending 

Another alluring aspect of AR15 rifles is their familiarity and similarity with home defense and hunting rifles. Split-second hunting decisions are vastly different from split-second home defense decisions. 

You can have a lot of time to learn the latter and spend time and money behind that. But, the former requires familiarity and professional strategies. 

During a split-second hunting decision, you won’t have much time in your hand and have to act immediately. Familiarity with the AR15 rifle is, therefore, an advantage while hunting a game. 


Everyone has different rifle preferences when it comes to hunting. Undoubtedly, AR15 rifles are tough competition in this field. These are lightweight, compact, and durable models that you can use for both home defense and hunting. So, these are your five reasons to hunt with an AR15 rifle. That said, awaken your spirit and go hunting into the wilderness!

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