Off The Hook: How To Fish Right

April 12, 2021

Whether one is looking forward to spending some quality time with their family or want some time out in a natural environment, fishing is a great choice. It is a fun way to explore and enjoy the outdoors. Australian waters make fascinating fishing spots, as it has more than 4000 species

Planning is the basis of this idea, to begin with. Gather the gear, including all the fishing lures, rods, and nets. Do not forget the pails, baits, and other vital things essential to have that complete experience.

Described below is a detailed explanation of how to go fishing:

Find A Stocked Spot

It is vital to go to a well-stocked river or water body nearby. Pick a place that one would not be bored of and can leisurely spend a few hours. There are impoundments that stock fishes where it may be easy to catch fish.

There are many varieties of fish that live in water bodies all around the neighborhood. Ensure that the spot is a permitted fishing area. 

Remember that fish come nearer to the shore during the spring and autumn season, and during summers, they tend to venture into deep waters. So, take a boat if the plan is a summer fishing trip. 

Look up the fish one would like to catch and how to do it as the techniques differ for each kind. Some fishes, for instance, bass, are found near structures in the water like trees and rocks. So focus on those areas for a successful bait. Check the dates of stocking in case of municipal parks.

Where To Throw The Line

Fish are often found near deep water or in moving currents. Big fishes come to shallower areas to feed. They also do not like swimming against the current, so find a spot at the end of it. Keep an eye on ‘fish activity’ like bubbles and splashes or sometimes even flocks of birds that may be flying over a school of fish. 

Fish tend to be where the food is. Pay attention to logs, reeds, and rocks, which also provide the fish cover when threatened. If there is a current of water, search for spots where different speeds of currents meet. Fishes usually wait here to catch drifting food. 

What About The Fishing Rod

It is ideal to purchase a fishing rod, preferably of medium strength and medium length. One might be shocked at the selection available at a fishing gear store when looking for the first time. But it is easier if one determines their budget first. Beginners can go for a 2.1 m with good balance and flexibility. Choose one that has a spinning reel as it is easier to cast.

Flexible crankbait rods may be weak, but they are less likely to snap compared to stiff ones. One has to choose over a big catch or a large variety of fish while choosing the rod.

When at a store, ask the employees who will be glad to help. Online stores like Live For Fishing give professional advice on what kind of rods or lures suit which fish. 

Lures And Baits

Selecting a small hook is best to lure in a large variety of fish because they chase only after ones that are the same size as their bait. Go with maybe a 7-10 inch one to catch a large variety of fish. Use a larger bait for big fishes. 

Minnows, crickets, and worms make excellent live baits. It is easier to go for a synthetic one if one does not like handling slimy creatures. Fishing lures resemble actual fish and are successful for fishing. 


One can enjoy a weekend riverside getaway to get recharged amongst nature. Enjoy a memorable time while eating some fish while at it!

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