The Fishing Fix: What Are The Different Types Of Angling

May 31, 2023

We all need a way to unwind, relax and chill out. After all, modern life has a hectic pace, and it is a struggle to keep on top of everything. Work, raising kids, chores, errands – it seems each week is more jam-packed than the one preceding. That is why it is so important to take some time out for yourself to carve out space on the weekend for yourself. By engaging in a hobby, you can de-stress, decompress and delight in an activity you love. 

Some people enjoy camping, while others like to hunt in their spare time. Others still like to go four-wheel driving or ride motorbikes. For some people, quiet craft hobbies at home are their ticket to relaxation. There are as many hobbies as there are people in the world. And for a specific type of person, fishing is the perfect way to relax. But there are a few different types of angling, and if you are new to fishing, you might not know which one is right for you. So, before you head off to the fishing store, read this helpful article, as it will help you get the fishing fix and learn about all the different types of fishing. Read on to find out more.

What is angling?

Angling is the term used to refer to fishing with a line, hook, weights (sinkers) and bait or flies. It is different from fishing using a net, or harpoon, in that it requires you to use a fishing rod with a reel and fishing line. There are a few different types of angling, which we will now explain. 

Bottom fishing

The bottom fishing technique is one of the most common angling methods today. This technique is used to catch reef fish such as halibut, snapper, grouper and many others that swim around the bottom of the ocean or hide in reefs. This method of fishing is said to be a “lazy” method of angling, but it is a legitimate type of angling that can see you snare some great fish. Some folks call it lazy, because after installing the bait on the hook and throwing it down, you let it sink to the bottom and wait for a fish to take it. This bottom method can be done from a boat, beach, pier, or lake if you are freshwater fishing. This type of angling primarily involves waiting patiently for a fish to grab the bar. Bottom fishing anglers use lead weights, or sinkers, to allow the bait to sink to the bottom of the water. 

Casting technique

Casting is another angling method involving throwing artificial silicon or plastic lures, using a lightweight, flexible fishing rod and playing with the lure along the water. Casting angles roll the line through the water, simulating smaller fish’s movement to attract predatory fish to grab the bait and hook. This technique involves different types of casting, all designed to skim the lure through the water to entice the fish beneath the surface.

Trolling technique

This is another angling technique used by fisherpeople that requires a boat. The fishing rod is mounted to the boat, and the lure or bait is pulled through the water as the boat moves along the sea or lake. A few different types of bait and lures are used in trolling, including squid, spinner and other artificial lures. Trolling tends to be used more in the ocean, in deeper water, to target mackerel, swordfish, marlin and other big sea fish. When trolling in a group, having a few lines in the water is common to increase the chances of snaring a fish.

Spin fishing and bait casting

Spin fishing is the most common type of angling that most people who have fished just once in their lives should be familiar with. It involves light tackle, where you cast out and slowly reel back in to mimic the movement of prey in the water. It gets its name from spinning the reel as you bring your line back in. 

Bait casting is a bit different from spin fishing in a few ways. The main difference is how the reel is used. Rather than spinning the reel with bait on the hook, a baitcasting reel has a trigger at its base that lets the line out. They tend to offer superior control and casting distance control but are less novice-friendly. Bait casting rods are also heavier and sturdier than reel casting rods, as they are used for bigger fish. 

An angling assortment conclusion

This helpful article has shared some of the different types of angling. If you are new to fishing, you know more about the different types of line, reel and bait/lure fishing. This should set you up well for embarking on a fishing trip by yourself or with friends. Good luck on your new fishing journey! 

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