Hunting Tree Saddle And Best Rifle Scope Under 500

March 1, 2021

A hunting tree saddle is conveniently used for tree stand hunting. A tree saddle acts as a safety harness and it is worn over your clothes when hunting. This is different from the traditional ladders or climbers that are used for tree hunting. It is preferred over other ways mainly because it has high paddings and high adjustability so that it is capable of being used by all sizes and shapes of hunters. These saddles are made up of fabrics with high strengths and the rope is durable and capable of withstanding all pressure pulls. Basically, when you use a tree saddle you are tied to a tree and half suspended while facing the tree.

There are numerous reasons why tree saddle hunting is the ultimate go to while hunting. It lets you move around the trees that are full of branches without taking the strap off. This way you can be in the right spot in every tree. You will not have to test every type of tree. The tree size and shape is adjustable which means the saddle can be used to climb any type of tree. This feature works wonders when you have to hunt with swamps and stunted vegetation. The standard ropes that come with the tree saddle are long enough to be used by anyone. It is very cost effective because this is a onetime investment only. You will not have to constantly buy tree ladders every single time.  

The multiple stands also play as a positive aspect of this saddle. There is increased maneuverability that enables you to hunt at a 360 degree angle and this makes the hunter come in control. The vertical height can also be adjusted in accordance to the hunting needs. Moreover, it is stealthier in the sense that the maximum part of this saddle is ropes and just a little bit of metal. The saddles are very quiet and produce almost no hassling noises when placed on the tree. They are easily portable because they do not carry a lot of weight on them.

Another plus point is that they provide better concealment because you can use the tree use the tree you are on to block the view from the animals. Hunting tree saddles have been proven to have added comfort through the customized pressure point reliefs. These saddles are safer than traditional tree ladders if they have been properly harnessed onto the body. The lineman’s body will be used for safety when you are climbing the tree and when you start hunting too. 

We have seen the positives of using a hunting tree saddle, now we will discuss what needs to be considered before buying one. A major factor is the smell. The out of the box fabric and rope have a chemical like smell that is strong and very unnatural. It is better to soak these gears into warm water and baking soda. This will remove the smell and make them soft to work with. The frame of the saddle will determine how good or bad it is in terms of quality.

The leg loop, harness, waist belt and the buckle should go hand in hand so that the pressure will be evenly distributed. You can choose between fixed leg loops and flexible leg loops. The fixed leg loops are not complicated because you do not have to constantly tie it with belts whereas flexible leg loops over great personalization. It is preferred for the hunting saddle to have haul loops even though they are mostly used for heavy duty hunting. A gear loops will work well too in case you plan on climbing very tall trees. 

How can we leave hunting rifle scopes out while talking about hunting? Buying a rifle scope worth 500 dollars is very suspiciously cheap which is why a lot of people worry that the quality will be bad. However, the case is that as the technology is advancing, the making of rifle scopes is becoming much easier and cheaper. With a budget of 500 dollars you can get crisp and high quality images along with good quality build. There is optimal light transmission and there are several magnification ranges available where the field of view is clear. 

Moving on to the factors that need to be taken into consideration before buying the best rifle scope, the foremost is the object lens. The size of the objective lens matters a lot as the bigger the diameter is, the more light will be gathered and in turn the brightness will be high. This will directly affect the precision in sighting and target shooting. The glass and the optics need to be of great quality because that will affect the overall quality of the image. Having the best hunting rifle doesn’t do much good, without some good glass, I would go with a 270 scope all day.The glass should not be easily scratched. Go for higher magnification if you plan on shooting from a wider distance however, keep in mind that as the magnification power increases, the cost will increase too.

The scope rifle should provide eye relief and exit pupil so that you do not end up straining your eyes unnecessarily. The scope should be quick to set up and the mounting should be fluent and easy. Another noteworthy feature is superior light transmission because this will add extra light which ultimately means that the rifle scope can be used from dusk till dawn. A very advantageous aspect would be the quick eye focus eyepiece. It will help in acquiring fast and accurate targets. It will let you lock onto a target and hence the focus will not waver. The scope should be waterproof, shockproof and fog proof because you will be shooting in all sorts of different conditions. It might rain while you are shooting or the scope might witness an unwanted fall. We do not situations like these to damage our rifle in any way. 

In conclusion, we have given you an extensively researched article on the best hunting rifle scopes and tree saddles that you can get your hands on. The positive aspects of these products, along with the considerations that need to be made have also been stated.

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