Is It Safe To Drive A Rental Car During The Pandemic Outbreak?

April 11, 2021

Due to the prevailing condition of the pandemic, people avoid traveling on public transport. As this novel coronavirus spreads from one person to another or getting in contact with the affected person’s accessories, so it is better to maintain social distance. Obviously, it is unsafe for you to travel on public transport like buses and taxis. 

Now the question is how can you travel in the prevailing condition of COVID-19? Well! You can maintain social distance by traveling in a rented car. No doubt all other means of transportation directly expose you to the public that is not safe. If you have to visit Dubai for official meetings during the COVID period, we suggest you hire an automobile from the professional car rental Dubai company. 

Table of Content

  • Is it safe for you to drive a rental car?
  • How are rented cars safe to travel during a pandemic outbreak?
  • Roll down the window of your rented automobile
  • Disinfect exterior touch points of vehicle
  • Properly disinfect driving control parts

Is it safe for you to drive a rental car?

Yes, traveling in a rented car, like is much safer than traveling in taxis, uBer, and buses. Because your rented motor will only have your family or fellows with you. So, you will be able to maintain social distance while traveling. You might be thinking about the person who has previously rented the vehicle. 

If yes, feel free to travel in the rented vehicles because the auto rental companies of Dubai properly disinfect the car before renting it. You can ask them to clean and disinfect the motor in front of you before hiring. All employees of rental companies wear masks and gloves while disinfecting the car with EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approved aerosol wipes.

How are rented cars safe to travel during a pandemic outbreak?

Automobile companies are taking some measures to make their customers travel freely without any health issues. To ensure your safety, you should wear a mask and gloves while traveling. Furthermore, it’s suggested to keep EPA-approved disinfectant cleaning wipes with you. 

Here are some things you should check before getting behind the steering wheel in your rented car: 

  • Roll down the window of your rented automobile

Make sure to roll down all the windows of your car to keep your vehicle’s interior fresh. Rolling down the windows is an ideal way to ventilate the interior of your rented automobile. Do you wonder why there is a need for ventilation? 

There is a need because fresh air coming from the window will remove the airborne infectious particles. Moreover, it will remove all the humidity that appeared due to disinfecting sprays. So, continuous ventilation will protect you from getting any infectious disease while traveling.

  • Disinfect exterior touch points of vehicle

To avoid contact with the previous driver of your rented motor, we suggest you disinfect all the exterior parts that are often touched. After cleaning and disinfecting your motor’s handles, gas cap, latch, and side mirrors, your car will be safe from all the disease-causing agents. 

The best way to disinfect and sanitize all the areas of your vehicle is by wearing gloves. You should discard the gloves in nearby trash after sanitizing the car.  We recommend you keep your automobile exterior parts wet with a disinfectant for almost 5 minutes to get better results. 

  • Properly disinfect driving control parts

Never ignore the highly touched area of the vehicle while sanitizing your automobile. You should sanitize all the driving controls of your motor including the steering wheel and gear shifts. Along with these accessories, cleaning and disinfecting of all other buttons and knobs is necessary. 

Do you want to use a single disinfecting wipe over all the control parts? If yes, you can. Because health experts have declared that you can clean multiple surfaces with a single wipe. It depicts that germs and infection-causing agents will be automatically killed after getting in contact with properly disinfected wipes. 

  • Spray disinfectants all over the seats, dashboard, and interior touch points

People often commit a mistake due to which they can suffer from this disease. Besides highly touching areas, you should also sanitize the seats, dashboard, and other areas of your vehicle. No doubt some professional car rental Dubai companies disinfect all the vehicles, but you should sanitize on your end as well, to eliminate all chances of getting in contact with this deadly coronavirus.


So, whenever and wherever you have to travel in Dubai, you can travel freely in a disinfected rented vehicle by hiring it from the Cheap rent a car Dubai company. We recommend you hire a car from RentalcarsUAE as this agency is providing sanitized cars at the most reasonable rates. Moreover, you can book online and ask for delivery whenever you want, wherever you want. 

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