Top Six Things To Know About Covid Tests For Green List Travel

October 25, 2021

After a hard year or two, countries all over the world are trying to move towards normalization. International borders are also reopening. This means that travel will now resume, albeit in a much-changed world. Of course, every country has its own requirements when it comes to safe traveling, and these requirements can really differ between different countries. In general, countries have three kinds of lists, green, amber, and red. People from red list countries are completely barred from flying in, while amber list countries have some restrictions in place. The green list consists of countries that are now open for travel. However, these still have some Covid testing requirements, in many cases.

Covid is not something that is going away anytime soon. Therefore, countries have to work their policies and regulations around its existence. Fortunately, there has been significant progress when it comes to worldwide vaccination and treatment strategies. However, you still need to follow any rules these countries have in place. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when traveling in these times:

Check Each Country’s Testing Time Requirements

In many countries, you will need a negative Covid PCR test before you can board your flight. However, you cannot just take the test days in advance and bring the result with you. There are various timing requirements for these tests in different countries. 

Some countries may ask for a test within a 96-hour window or even a 48-hour one. Make sure you ask your airline and check online for such stipulations. 

See Whether There Is An Approved List Of Laboratories

Not every Covid test is the same. Countries have reported cases of falsified Covid tests, and now have strict restrictions in place. You have to check your chosen country and airline’s requirements and see which laboratories are approved. In addition, confirm if these labs will send your reports directly to the airline, or if you will have to report these tests yourself. 

Only get tested from these approved laboratories like if you are traveling from California, otherwise, you will not be able to board your flight. Make sure you stay updated with these approved lists, as they can change from time to time. 

See if They Have Instant Airport Testing

Countries like the UAE also require you to have an instant Covid test at the airport. Make sure your departure airport has the relevant facilities, and confirm whether these tests will be self-financed or free. 

Also make sure you arrive at the airport well on time, so that you can get this test done, and get the result well before your flight. Therefore, you’ll have to plan your travels accordingly and allocate a budget for these tests as well. 

Confirm If The Country Requires Vaccine Records

Most countries also require some sort of vaccination proof, even if you are on their green list. See what sort of official proof your state is offering, and make sure you have it at hand. These vaccine records are simply certificates that prove that you have completed your Covid vaccination. 

You might not even need printed proof. You can just access your vaccination records and download them so that you can show them at the airport easily. In some countries, all you need to do is send an official number a text message with proof of identity to get this proof. 

Check The Approved Lists Of Vaccines

Just having your vaccination records at hand may not be enough at times. Some countries only have certain vaccines on their approved lists. They do not allow incoming visitors who have had vaccinations other than the ones on their approved list. 

These lists are often updated, so make sure you have the latest versions before you make your travel plans. In addition, see what options you have available to you in your departure area. 

Confirm If There Are Quarantine Requirements

Some countries have strict quarantine requirements even for their green list countries, with vaccinations and testing included. Do your research thoroughly and see where you will have to quarantine, whether you will have to pay for it yourself and whether your quarantine time counts towards your visa limit. 

These requirements will help you make a final decision, and see whether your travel is worth the quarantine restrictions. Of course, if you are going for an essential reason, then you will have to make the trip and complete your quarantine properly. In many cases, you can quarantine in a place of your choice, so do explore such options.

To sum up, you should do your research before you plan a trip. This is because Covid testing and vaccination requirements differ all over the world, even in countries that have you on their green list. 

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