How To Switch To An Eco-Friendly Lifestyle?

October 25, 2021

The world is gradually moving towards an eco-friendly lifestyle. The reason is, we’re in the middle of an environmental crisis. The climate issues, increasing global warming, intense drought storms, heat waves, melting glaciers, and rising sea levels have taken the world by storm. 

Every other person is worried about his future. People now turn to environmentally friendly commodities, even capitalists prefer sustainable advertising now. However, many still fail to take environmental issues seriously. 

If you’re one of them, it’s time you switch to an eco-friendly lifestyle. Remember that you owe this much to the earth that has provided you with a contented life. The following are a few effective ways to switch to an environmentally friendly lifestyle:

Say No To Wasting Food

According to statistics, around one pound of food per person is wasted every day in the US. It is further stated that in 2017, approximately 81.5 billion pounds (103 million tons) of food waste was generated in the United States. 

If you tend to waste food as well, you must ensure to fix this habit. It not only wastes your money but also contributes to the CO2 that is created in the landfills, the most used way to dispose of food waste. 

Also, remember that many people sleep hungry every day as they have nothing to eat. Hence, wasting food is no less than a sin. You can give it to someone who needs it, but you MUST not waste food. 

Create Compost

Although I try my best not to over-shop and buy only what I need, sometimes a few things remain in my kitchen cabinet, which leads them to expire. However, I still don’t throw them away. I use them for making compost. It’s better than throwing them in the bin. 

Compost can act as a natural fertilizer for your garden and plants. Chemical-based fertilizers are hazardous for the environment. They negatively affect the soil, plants, and air in general. How? Because of the emission of SOx and NOx. 

On the other hand, compost helps create a green garden without any side effects for the environment. Also, disposing of compost is easier than the food products you waste. It doesn’t build up methane gas; thus, it keeps your landfills safe.

Avoid Driving Your Car

People generally prefer driving everywhere in their own car. While it may be convenient for you, it is not great for the environment. Fossil fuel emission is one of the primary causes behind global warming, ozone depletion, and air pollution in general. 

Therefore, you must avoid driving your car as much as possible. If your office is nearby, try going there by foot or bike. In case it’s not close by, you can take a bus to your office. South Florida public transport is the best idea if you wish to cut down on fossil fuel emissions.

Apart from that, when driving your car, you need to ensure that the engine of your vehicle runs smoothly, the tires are properly inflated, and the speed is appropriate, not too fast and not too slow either. 

Switch To Bamboo Or Paper

Plastic has become an important part of our households. Everyone uses plastic in their homes in the form of plastic bags. I reckon that plastic bags are cheap and easier to manage, they’re unsafe for the environment. 

That’s right, guys. Plastic bags contribute to environmental pollution more than anything else. Thereby, you must quit using them and switch to bamboo or paper instead. 

For things like disposable plastic glasses and straws, try to use glasses and straws made up of bamboo instead. Similarly, go for paper bags instead of plastic bags. It is one huge step towards an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Living a Sustainable Lifestyle

Last but not least, you must try to move towards living a minimal lifestyle. What you need to know is that a sustainable lifestyle does not only revolve around cutting your fossil fuel use and quitting the use of plastic, it also includes minimizing unnecessary buys. 

For example, I used to buy lots and lots of clothes. I loved dressing up, so buying new and trending clothes was like a catharsis to me. But the day I decided to lead an eco-friendly life, I minimized shopping. I don’t buy unnecessary clothes anymore. The same goes for other things in my house. 

All the needless buys contribute to the cluttering in your house, which is not helpful for the environment. The idea is to have a green and clean environment, so this habit must be changed.

The Takeaway 

Pretty simple. Isn’t it? Going eco-friendly isn’t as complicated as it seems. A few lifestyle changes can help you contribute to a clean and green world where you can lead a pure and healthy life. It’s a collateral benefit for everyone. Hence, you must follow the tips mentioned above and educate others about the same. I wish you well, my friends! 

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