Bedjet Mattress Review: Stay Cool Or Warm In Bed For Less

January 20, 2020

Mattresses are the good solace we find after a stressful day. Its soft texture wrapping around your pained joints, comforting your hips, and spine. The bottom line is, sleep is important to our body, and a good mattress is essential if you wish to get quality sleep.

One of the ways in which a good mattress aids sleep is by keeping the temperature regulated; based on your preference. But then, not all mattresses can do so. Given the importance of a good temperature to our sleep-time, purchasing a mattress with this feature could be a life-saver. And that is what Bedjet mattress does — saves you the stress of waking up at 3AM to adjust your thermostat temperature, especially if you have a problem with sleep temperature regulation.  

If you have ever wished, you had the ability to control the warmth of your bedding, this article is for you. Here is a review of the Bedjet mattress: the good, the bad and the ugly.

Bedjet Company Policies

You are allowed a 60-day period after purchase to test the bed, after which it can be returned if the product is not satisfactory enough. Also, the product comes with a 2-year warranty during which the company will replace any item that is damaged or defective, without any additional shipping cost.

Bedjet Design

A complete Bedjet equipment consists of the bedjet machine, a hose, a nozzle, a hook, and an aromatherapy oil kit to keep your bed smelling fresh. The machine is 6.75 inches tall.

How Does Bedjet Mattress Work?

The problem Bedjet aims to solve is the temperature crisis most people face at night. Bedjet uses an improvised fan technology to change the temperature of your bed by sending a stream of air below your sheets — either warming you up or cooling you — in a space of 30 seconds. forced air systems like the Bedjet mattress would work without making you break a sweat. So, it is like you are almost unconscious about what is going on, and puff! you are warmer than before.

Most couples argue about what temperature route they should embark on throughout the night — a warm and cozy feel, or a cold, cooled off one. Either way, Bedjet offers a solution.

All you have to do is purchase a bundle of two Bedjet machines and an air comfort cloud sheet. In simple terms, with these tools, your bed can exist at different temperatures, with each side having its peculiar temperature. Amazing, right? The cloud sheet is basically composed of two separate pockets that can be filled with air; either warm or cold, and its function is to maintain the different temperatures at either side of the bed.

How Is It Controlled?       

It can be controlled via a remote or a smartphone easier. However, it makes more sense to tame your Bedjet machine with your smartphone. It offers way more benefits than a remote.

On your phone, you would download the app which gives you exact temperature readings and airflow levels. Also, you have the luxury of setting a timer, as well as presetting your preferred temperature.


  • Couples who do not agree on temperature settings have a solution
  • Sweaty sleepers are presented the option of sleeping cold
  • Those in extreme conditions can either heat or cool their mattresses


  • Quite expensive with a $500-1200 bill, depending on your preferred size

Final words

When is Bedjet the best for you? If you have a constant dispute with your partner over your sleeping temperature or you reside in regions that get extremely hot or cold at night.

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