Top 5 DIY photo projects that every wedding should have

January 20, 2020

A wedding is an auspicious day for every person in their life. It is an opportunity that only comes once in a lifetime. Such bright moments need to be captured to relive these moments again in the future.

What can be done to make a wedding unforgettable? Every person asks this to themselves. A wedding is memorable only if you can celebrate it in a creative way.

DIY photo projects help you to highlights your wedding with small props. DIY elements give you the freedom to take a break from the wedding plans and enjoy small date plans with your partner.

Here is the list of DIY projects:

1. Colourful picture props

What more can be attractive than the colourful picture props? Picture props are the best DIY elements to make the dull wedding into colourful wedlock.

Picture props are the frames that are made by the polaroid. It brings a new life to the wedding ceremony. Everybody’s engagement increases making the whole environment cheerful.

These props are great for people who love to take photographs. Picture props also keep all the guests busy as the ceremony proceeds.

2. Creative welcoming signboards

We all know that “the first impression is the last impression”. This first impression comes when a guest enters the ceremony venue. This is where signboards play an important part.

A clear, creative and compelling signboard can set the mood of the arriving guest. If your signboards are appealing, the guest will set their hopes high from the get-go.

Just add two or more DIY projects to your wedding, and your wedding will be the best event of your life.

3. Photo booth station

This DIY project has started getting popular recently due to the new generation who loves to take photographs. It set a different atmosphere at the wedding. Photobooth station provides a recreational event to keep the guests busy.

The photo booth station is the portal to fun! Here everybody mingles with each other. Family members, relatives, formal gatherings, all mix together to form a single type of wedding guest.

4. Wedding guest books

These books are made to hold all the precious greeting made by the invited guest. Wedding guest books entice people to engage and give their thoughts, wishes, and views.

It acts like their testimony for all the guests. This project is proof that you do not have to spend a fortune to record all the precious moments of the wedding- the people with whom you celebrate.

5. Wedding games and activity

Who does not like playing games? Then, why keep the wedding an exception. Games play a very important role to highlight the things you want to want. Your precious guests will have something to do while enjoying their drinks. And if you as a bride or groom take part in it, it will go down in history for all the guests to remember you.

Games and activity make the wedding memorable. Memorable not for the games, but for the fun you and your guest had.

Over to you

There are many DIY projects that are used to make a wedding into an unforgettable experience. Not only these mini projects are creative but also cost-effective. If you want to more information visit now

Feel free to drop your favourite DIY projects that you used in your wedding or desiring to use and tell us why do you like it.

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