Fifteen Super Hot Wedding Photography Trends

July 31, 2017

Are you spending loads of time looking through Pinterest, wedding blogs, and magazines trying to find inspiration for amazing photos of the Big Day? Help is here! We have compiled some of today’s hottest wedding photography trends:

  1. Drone photography: Hands-down the latest trend in wedding photography comes to us via drones. The bird’s eye point of view is more accessible than ever to couples who want a totally unique perspective on their venue and celebration.
  2. Holi powder/smoke bombs: Exotic, colorful and artistic, holi powder and Colored Smoke Bombs images are all the rage this year. These take some planning, the right equipment, and permission from those involved (traveling powder can reach gowns and gorgeous bridesmaid dresses, so be super careful), but the final products are totally worth it.
  3. Posing with giant prop letters: Larger than life letters make great background props for newlywed photos. “LOVE” and “I DO” are two of the most popular options and are now widely available from rental companies or directly from photographers.
  4. Creative twists on first looks: Love the idea of a first look, but hoping to preserve that dramatic moment for the walk down the aisle? Meet before the wedding to exchange love notes, special gifts, or just the squeeze of a hand. The shots are incredibly sentimental and the magic moment is saved for the altar.
  5. Long-exposure night photos: Have you admired those sparkler photos of couples where you can actually see the path that the flames took often in huge spirals or fancy shapes? Those photos are made possible using a long-exposure technique and if you love them, plan for them!
  6. Confetti pops: Like holi powder, pops of confetti, frozen in time add irresistible color and texture to any wedding photo.
  7. Parent first looks: From colorful to sentimental, parent first looks capture that emotional moment when Mom and Dad first see their daughter in her wedding gown (or even their son in his tux).
  8. Silly wedding party photos: Going well beyond the “everyone make a funny face” moments, photographers are creating fun-filled moments embracing the spirit of the day. Props, unusual backgrounds, and fun, non-cheesy poses are all great ways to liven up standard group shots.
  9. Frame-within-a-frame: Within the natural frame of an image, someone else — the subject, parents, bridal party — holds another frame through which the couple’s photo is taken.
  10. Vintage inspiration: Vintage décor is super popular; everything old is new again, especially in super-sentimental weddings. Carry the theme over into your photos! It is easier than you think, especially with a vintage candy buffet in the background, that will also be a stylish vintage element of your wedding theme.
  11. Urban chic settings: Whether it is the entire wedding party crossing a busy street downtown or street art as a backdrop, urban is definitely in.
  12. Underwater photography: It sounds counterintuitive, but in the “trash-the-dress” tradition, photographers are using the latest in underwater camera technology to take unbelievably cool below-the-surface pool photos. Just remember: safety first!
  13. Giant mylar balloons: You can spell just about anything with the help of huge mylar balloon letters: love, initials, full names, even thank you in preparation for all of those handwritten notes you will have to write.
  14. Weather embracing images: There is nothing cooler than a shot of a couple in the rain under a clear umbrella or one where rain-drops are frozen in time around a romantic first kiss. Do not wish the weather away, rather make it part of your lasting memories.
  15. Creative engagement photos: Wild locations, crazy wardrobe choices, and the latest in technological advances are all turning the traditional engagement session on its head. The only limit is your imagination.

Which is your favorite hot wedding photography trend?

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