Planning A Wedding? Here Are The Top Wedding Trends In 2019

January 29, 2019

Whether you are tying the knot yourself or just love weddings, 2019 promises to be a trend-setting year. From food as art to velvet table linens, here is a fascinating look at the new year’s hottest trends:

The Ring’s the Thing

Rings symbolize a couple’s love and devotion. The ring exchange during the ceremony is one part of the tradition that has not fallen by the wayside. But, one thing has changed. And, that is the type of rings couples choose.

The change began with couples ditching the traditional diamond solitaire in favor of other equally symbolic gemstones, such as emerald and ruby. It was not long before wedding rings followed suit.

The latest wedding ring trends include fingerprint engraved for a uniquely personal ring and artistically designed ceramic.

The Wedding Gown of 2019

The big news for wedding gowns is patterned. And, topping the pattern list is the polka dot wedding dress. Patterns in veils have been popular for some time, but this year wedding gowns with polka dot, Swiss dot, floral, bold, or geometric patterns take center stage.

Also look for asymmetrical design elements and crop top wedding gowns to trend this year.

And, not to be left out, groom’s wear is all set to pair differing patterns and fabrics together to replace the traditional tux.

The Art of Food

Artistically edible is the popular choice. Fruit art is particularly striking as a centerpiece.

Feeding guests in different ways is also becoming a hot way to serve guests. Grazing tables, with fruit, nuts, appetizers, and seasoned breads make it easy for guests to socialize and eat at the same time.

The food bar is another option that gives guests an experience beyond a typical buffet. Possibilities include popcorn bars, tea bars, and fondue stations.

Flowers and Fabrics

Flowers are always part of wedding style. But this year, flowers mounted on circularly shaped rods of rich gold or rough-hewn wood pieces add texture and eye-catching drama.

Live plants in either wood box or ceramic planters as centerpieces bring a touch of nature to the table. In fact, natural elements and earthy accents have never been more popular.

Table setting colors run from edgy and dark to throwback traditional styles. Velvet table linens provide a warm and luxurious feel.  

Minimalist Elements are So 2019

Probably the most significant trend this year is the trend toward simple, minimalist weddings, and an increased emphasis on sustainability.

While colors remain bold, everything from the wedding invitation to the wedding cake trends toward a simple but elegant style.

Couples increasingly choose vendors who use supplies from sustainable sources and have methods in place that reduce waste.

The Truth About Wedding Trends

Of course, trends change over time. But the latest trends do not replace the old, they simply add to your choices. That is the wonderful thing about weddings — there are so many options from which to choose.

When it comes to the rings, the ceremony, the reception, invitations, decor, and any other detail, the latest and greatest does not matter. It is about celebrating in your own uniquely personal way.

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