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September 22, 2021

With a good product comes a massive responsibility to encase the product in perfect packaging. This perfect packaging is not only important on the part of the brand identity formation but also for the consumers. In an aisle full of products of the same kind, what will attract the customer is different packaging solutions used by different companies. Hence, it becomes crucial for a company to look forward to getting good packaging solutions for their products.

Additionally, as discussed earlier, the packaging is also one of the most important components in establishing the brand identity and persona in front of the consumers as well as its competitors. Last but not least, the packaging of the products further sets the mood of the product in an aisle full of different products. One can fully comprehend the functionality and the aura the product generates through its packaging.

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Hence, companies are now actively seeking to find packaging solutions that serve all the aforementioned components to be economically feasible. While going through all the options, one of the best options one can come across is that of the packaging and printing service provided by The Legacy Printing. The company is actively working to improve its services day by day with the addition of new designs as well as better customer service than any other company.

The company stands out amongst all other companies providing packaging solutions because of its perfectly managed and selected creative team. The clients are either put directly in contact with the team or with the customer service. This makes the communication between the production team and all other teams rather easier regarding what the client demands. The creative team is also open to providing the clients with suggestions and direction as to how their packaging solution should look in context with their products. This provision of assistance is completely free of cost.

Whilst it may seem rather easier to find good packaging solutions that are also budget-friendly for various products like apparel products, food, and beverages products, etc., it is very difficult to find a suitable packaging solution when it comes down to luxury products. Luxury products require a certain kind of packaging that is sturdy, keeps the product inside in place without any damage to the fragile material placed inside, and is visually attractive and sets the mood of the product.

Luxury Rigid Boxes:

The printer is known for the creation of its beautiful luxury rigid boxes. No matter what your luxury product is, the company promises to provide you with a packaging solution that suits your product. You may ask yourself what is special in all these things since other companies are able to provide you with such services as well. Therefore, let us decipher the fact as to how the aforementioned company’s services are different from that of other companies.

First of all, the custom packaging supplier does not demand any additional charges for the order of custom rigid boxes. The customization of the products occurs without any additional charges. These custom rigid boxes perfectly fit the size and the measurements of all the products placed inside the box. Depending upon the fragility of the product, the creative team also decides the type of finishing and material that shall be used inside the rigid box. If the product is not that fragile, then a partial clipboard finishing is added to the box. If the product is rather fragile like a machinery item, then a full clipboard finishing is done to the box. All the ‘product needs’ are determined through the research carried out by the creative team and the flaws that are usually prevalent in the packaging of such products.

The research carried out regarding the product and the packaging solutions usually encasing such products also helps the creative team understand the mood and characteristics of the product. Therefore, in accordance with the characteristics and aura of the product, a perfect packaging solution is put forth. For example, if the product has several parts or if the company wants to make the unboxing experience for a consumer rather memorable, box inserts art added inside the custom rigid box.

Additionally, in order to make the unboxing experience more fun, different kinds of closures are added to the box. Therefore, some boxes might have magnetic closures, some might have a pop-up closure, and others might have a drawer-style closure, and many more. The company actively tries to keep on adding new styles of the closures to make it more engaging and create an all-immersing, unboxing experience for the customers.

If the company is not concerned with the unboxing experience as much as it is concerned with the appearance at first glance, the creative team provides the solution of adding a window to the box.

This window allows the customers to have a glance at what the product actually looks like, in case it is a fancy candle or some special lamp, etc. These kinds of innovative solutions retain the overall stylish aura of the product while still serving other purposes like marketing and varying customer demands.


The company does not merely excel in the provision of one of the best packaging boxes across the US, whereas it is also able to provide the customer with unique designs and logos to be printed on their luxury rigid boxes to mark the brand identity on the face of the product. Graphic designers are highly trained and skilled professionals who are able to produce remarkable designs. These designs are carefully placed on the packaging box with regard to the design.

The next step is what concerns many clients when seeking a printing design on their packaging box. This next step involves the act of ‘printing’ itself. Many companies either do not have printers in bulk and do not produce prints in bulk, or if they produce the prints in bulk, it takes a lot of time. The printers might also use substandard quality ink and other resources that make the printing of poor quality.

The printer makes use of high-quality printers, making use of the best ink possible and best resources available. Therefore, the prints come out to be rather satisfactory. Although the printers are present in bulk, neither does the cost of printing increase nor does it take a lot of time.


When the question comes down to the cost of these luxury rigid boxes, the company provides you a satisfactory offer. The rigid boxes wholesale prices attract the company’s clientele and hence why the company has such a long-term clientele base.

The clients are also free of the worry to consider the prices of the packaging solution and then give the order for the production of the packaging box. Because now, the clients can just put forth the order without worrying about the price as they are almost equivalent to wholesale prices.

All these characteristics of the company make me say that the company is one of the most feasible and remarkable companies when looking forward to the packaging solution of your luxury products. Therefore, hurry up and contact them if you are looking for good packaging solutions for luxury products.


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