Should My Family Start Playing Golf?

March 25, 2024

Golf, often considered a sport for the elite or retired, is gradually becoming popular for families seeking leisure activities. From physical health benefits to social bonding opportunities, here is an exploration of the pros and cons of playing golf, and factors to consider when deciding whether your family should take up golf.

Pro: Physical Health Benefits

One of the foremost advantages of golf is its potential for physical exercise. While it may not be as strenuous as some sports, golf still involves walking long distances, swinging clubs, engaging core muscles, and maintaining balance. For individuals of all ages, including children and seniors, these activities can contribute to improved cardiovascular health, muscle strength, and flexibility.

Moreover, golf is a low-impact sport, which reduces the risk of injuries compared to high-impact activities. This aspect makes it particularly appealing for families looking for a sport that can be enjoyed together without concerns about physical strain.

Pro: Mental Health Support

Beyond physical health, golf offers numerous mental health benefits. The serene environment of golf courses, often surrounded by nature, provides an opportunity for relaxation and stress relief. Spending time outdoors can also boost mood and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression for both children and adults.

Furthermore, golf requires concentration and strategic thinking, offering mental stimulation that can enhance cognitive abilities and problem-solving skills. For children, learning the rules and techniques of golf can also foster discipline and perseverance.

Pro: Social Skills And Bonding

Golf is renowned for its social aspect, making it an excellent activity for family bonding. Playing golf together provides opportunities for quality time spent away from screens and distractions. Whether sharing conversations during a leisurely round or celebrating achievements on the course, golf can strengthen familial relationships and create lasting memories.

Golf can also be enjoyed by individuals of varying skill levels and ages, meaning that families can play together regardless of experience. Because of this, golf has a greater opportunity to promote family play and family bonding compared to other sports.

The sport also helps teach children how to interact respectfully with others. Aside from interacting with others on the course, golf comes with rules and etiquette meant to help create a respectful environment.

Pro: At-Home Entertainment As Well

While getting outside as a family is a pro of taking up golf, the sport also offers surprisingly approachable at-home play options as well, from practicing your putts in the backyard to setting up a golf simulator room that not only serves as a practice space but a fun family game night space as well. You might be surprised at how approachable it can be to create this space in your home. You can learn more through this guide on how to build an at-home golf simulator space and how much you can expect this to cost.

Con: Costs

Golf can be an expensive sport, considering equipment, green fees, golf club memberships, and lessons. Families should assess their budget and determine if they can afford the necessary expenses.

Note that the golf simulator room mentioned above can greatly help offset long-term costs by offering a free golf space (once the upfront fee of buying the equipment is covered).

Con: Time Commitment

A round of golf can take several hours, which may not be feasible for families with hectic schedules or for families with young children where focus is a concern. It’s essential to consider time constraints and prioritize family commitments accordingly.

Con: Patience And Persistence

Golf can be a challenging sport that requires patience and perseverance. Families should be prepared for a learning curve and embrace the journey of improvement together.

Con: Accessibility

Access to golf courses may vary depending on location. Families living in areas with limited access to courses may need to travel farther to engage in the sport regularly or build a golf simulator space at home to provide a regular space to play.


Ultimately, deciding whether your family should take up golf depends on your collective interests, lifestyle, and priorities. While golf offers numerous physical, mental, and social benefits, it is important to weigh these advantages against practical considerations such as cost and time commitment. If your family is enthusiastic about spending time outdoors, engaging in leisurely physical activity, and fostering strong bonds, then golf could be an excellent addition to your recreational pursuits. However, remember to approach the decision with realistic expectations and a willingness to embrace both the challenges and joys that golf has to offer.

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