What States Are Trending As The Best To Raise Families?

February 28, 2022

This is the biggest question that a responsible person of a family has to make that where you should raise your family. There are several factors that you need to keep in mind apart from affordability such as crime rate, living standard, neighborhood, available schools and hospitals, and so on. Before you hire out of state movers available at movingfeedback.com, it is crucial to find out a perfect place to live. And after covid-19, certain things had been changed. 

  • It is important to look for healthcare quality considering the declining health conditions of the people. 
  • There should be more neighborhood amenities available such as parks and sideways for outdoor activities as most of the recreational programs are closed for a long time. 
  • Broadband connectivity has become mandatory amenities as people are working remotely from their homes and kids are getting their education online too. 

Now have a look at the states where you can consider relocating to raise your family:

1. Massachusetts 

This is considered the best state to raise your family with its third ranking in education and child care and sixth in measures of affordability. Here you can access some of the best schools present in the entire US, but the college tuition fee is expensive here. The infant mortality rate is also ranked as fourth. 

2. Vermont 

In terms of health and safety, this ranked as number one therefore the violence rate is very low. The place also has outstanding public schools to get an education. Vermont has great features that make it a great place to live. Also, here you can enjoy a lot of outdoor activities along with your family.   

3. New York 

There is a wide range of opportunities are present in New York City which you can explore with your family. The health facility and the other amenities are full here and you might have heard of the shine of the city present before. The hustle-bustle of the city is very high but it comes with a disadvantage that everything is expensive here from renting a studio apartment to food cost and so on. The education system is present at 15th rank. 

4. North Dakota 

Child care safety, education, a record of health are some of the assets of North Dakota. The affordability rank is 14th in the entire nation. The place has the lowest proportions of families which comes in the category of poverty as the work opportunities are flooded here so one can grab a job with ease.  

5. New Jersey 

The great academic performance, access to several amenities such as availability of day care, health facilities, lower crime rate are some of the reasons that make the place an ideal option. But it comes with a drawback of cost of living because this comes user the top ten expensive states. 

6. Utah 

The place ranked as the top ten in college affordability, academic performance, and other amenities and also have great broadband connections. The state also contains spots where you can have fun with your family while enjoying several activities. 

7. Washington 

This ranks as the eighth-best state for families. It is also great for affordability, health and safety, and family fun. Though the cost of living is not very affordable and this is 16 percent higher than the national average living index cost. 

8. Minnesota 

The biggest city presents in the state named Minneapolis was the main point in the local and national protests in 2020. It ranks higher for child care, outdoor activities and so on. It stands as ranked 9th in terms of health and safety and 13th as family fun to enjoy activities with your loved ones. 

9. Naperville, Illinois 

Naperville, Illinois is a suburb of Chicago. The residents present here have created a family-friendly environment. The school system presents here ranked as top 40 out of thousands of districts therefore you can easily find a good school for your kid here. But the cost of living is higher here, so you should first consider your budget before you relocate to the city to start your life journey. 

10. Columbia, Maryland 

The place is in the metro area and also it is planned as the community has broken down into villages. This suburban community is home to two golf courses with lots of indoor recreation programs and areas. The schools rank in the top five in the country. The diversity present here attracts a wide range of people towards it. 

Wrapping it all up

Not all states are created equal. Some are always better than others. Though certain things differ as for some, the priorities are different while for others these are different. To decide what is perfect for your child’s development and to raise your family, you have to first consider your all needs. All the above states present here have been ranked higher so that you can consider these a perfect place to raise your family. 

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