Traveling During The Second Pandemic Summer

May 20, 2021

As we approach our second summer with the COVID-19 pandemic looming over us and no end in sight, people are wondering how to spend their vacations. Millions of people are being vaccinated every day, but by definition pandemics are a global problem. It will not end until the whole world has a handle on the virus. With this in mind, so many of us are thinking about taking a summer vacation despite the obstacles. We could all use some tips for taking a trip right now. Below is some advice and trip ideas to take a vacation this summer.

Take A Road Trip

One of the best ideas for going on a trip this summer is to take a road trip. With so many options for places to go, there is no reason not to hit the road. Driving through the Southwest is one of the best ideas for a road trip. Between Sedona, Flagstaff, and the Grand Canyon in Arizona and Zion and Arches National Parks in Utah, these places are just the beginning. Drive through New Mexico into Texas. Head to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Beyond the Southwest, the Pacific Northwest and the South are other good road trip options.

Not only will you have the independence that the road provides, you will be able to stay away from people while getting out there into the world. Go hiking and visit sites. Stay in an Airbnb or a hotel if you feel comfortable. Drive across the country just because you can. Whatever your destination, hitting the road is a great way to relax, let go of your problems, and find some clarity in this strange, wacky world.

Cheap Domestic Flights

If you feel comfortable enough to take a flight, there are many cheap options to go to a new domestic city. With a lot of people thinking about moving out of cities like Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago, taking a trip to a mid-size city can help you decide where to move. If you are thinking about moving or are just trying to get out of your environment, there are plenty of cheap domestic flights to Salt Lake City, Austin, Nashville, and others because fewer people are traveling.

While you are on the flight, wear your mask the whole time. There will likely be snacks and drinks, but everyone takes off their masks to consume them at the same time. You will have to decide if you are comfortable enough to do the same. The air is ventilated, but it is still a risk — especially if you are sitting close to someone. However, it can be worth it if you are willing to take the risk. Some airports even have a patient isolation tent for anyone who is experiencing symptoms.

Camping & Outdoors

You don’t have to go very far from where you live to immerse yourself in nature. Camping makes all the difference when it comes to disconnecting from the world and recharging your batteries. One great idea is to take advantage of our country’s many illustriousNational Parks. 

There are many hiking trails and amazing places to camp. If you choose a spot near you and live in a tent for a few days, you will feel your body and mind start to heal. The world can be stressful and everything is uncertain these days. Take some time to disconnect from your phone, the internet, social media, and all of the other distractions. Find serenity in the woods or the desert. You don’t have to look far to find a great spot.


If you aren not up for camping, go on a staycation. Book a hotel or Airbnb nearby and you will have the chance to change your setting without going very far. Book a place near the beach or another beautiful, secluded spot. Wherever you are, a staycation is a great option to relax and get away from the worries you have at home and at work. With so many people working remotely and from their houses, booking a place to stay that changes your environment will make all the difference.

Everyone feels differently about traveling during the pandemic. Depending how comfortable you are, there are plenty of options to take a trip this summer. It is the second summer with COVID-19 on our minds, we all want to escape it. Treat yourself to what you need by booking a trip. 

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