One leg deadlift features and proper form

July 24, 2020

Let’s say together – you do not need. We don’t like this kind of deadlift – the center of gravity shifts and we get a certain echo of the squat, this is not canonical, correct execution. In this position, more load will be placed on the legs, and not on the back.

You can, if you wish, do draft with a kettlebell with a wide setting of legs, with two kettlebells at once or with a kettlebell in one hand. But of course, the version with the barbell loads muscles more efficiently.

If you are looking for an option that will load the buttocks and the back of the thigh stronger and better, then a) always lower the bar/dumbbells to the floor and get up from the gray, do not filter, b) add Romanian deadlift to the training, c) try the deadlift.

Deadlift on a deadlift platform benefits and proper form

Important: this is the most complex variety of the camp and the technique and execution, it is very easy to get injured. Only suitable for experienced, with good stretching, no problems with knees, hip joints or back.

Thrust from the pit as a whole is performed in the same way as the classic version, but a person stands on a stand/elevation of 5-10 cm. This can be (and most often) a CrossFit disk. Thus, the bar must be pulled and lowered to a lower position. The amplitude increases – the efficiency increases.

You should lower the pelvis low so that your knees are completely bent – it’s unrealisticly hard, just say it again and stick out – it’s traumatic, so it’s better not to joke with this exercise.

The deadlift technique from the pit is basically the same as in the classic exercise. However, if you do not have the proper stretch, it will be very difficult for you to lower and raise the bar, especially with weight, since you still have to reach it. Also, you can’t get too high, otherwise, you’ll definitely stretch, and God forbid and injure your muscles before breaking.

Deadlift with a resistance band: features and correct technique

There are several options for using a resistance band. You can either do the deadlift only with it, or use it as an additional inventory to the existing weight in the form of a barbell or dumbbell:

There is another interesting type of use of bands – this is a great option for those who need to work out the final phase of the movement, when the weight is maximum and the barbell is at the top, as well as to train the disruption of the barbell from the platform.


What are the advantages of working with resistance bands:

  • Deadlift with one resistance band allows you to position the weight on the sides of the body, which is more convenient for people with problematic joints and back.
  • The more you bend your legs, the more your buttocks will work. The smaller, the more active the back of the thigh.
  • In order to better work the buttocks, it is better to combine it with the leg extention in the machine or buttock swings.

And what does science say? The most informative is a meta-analysis of training studies with the resistance bands of Chris Beardsley, a scientist and managing director of Strength and provibol Conditioning Research. Having analyzed a huge array of data, the scientist came to the conclusions:

  • Elastic resistance can lead to comparable or even greater levels of muscle activity during exercise compared to similar exercises with free weights with the same relative or absolute loads.
  • If the goal is maximum hypertrophy, you should use both expanders and free weights in your exercises, because these exercises have different nature and include muscles in work in different ways.
  • Exercises with expanders involve less articular effort than similar exercises with free weights – this reduces the risk of injuries.
  • It makes sense to do the exercises not for the number of repetitions, but for a while – start with 30 seconds.
  • Combine exercises with free weights and expanders, and not concentrate on just one thing.
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