Easy-Peasy Gift Packing Ideas To Wow Your Loved Ones

March 11, 2020

Friendly meetings with friends and family and the exchange of gifts — this is how we predict the holidays every year. When you have already decided what to give to your loved ones, you just need to know from this article how to creatively pack your gift. Let’s get the ball rolling!

Use Flowers

To make your gift pleasant not only with beauty but also with aroma, replace the traditional bow with a sprig of flowers, for example, lavender. You can fix it with double-sided tape. Cinnamon sticks, coniferous branches, physalis are also suitable as a fragrant decoration.

Go For A Gift With Message

If you want to indicate to whom the gift is addressed, create impromptu messages. Cut small round or rectangular labels out of thick paper (ready-to-use curly adhesive sheets are also suitable). Use the scissors to make small holes in it. Write a name or short greeting on the label and attach it to the box with invisible double-sided tape. You can also use ready-made gift certificate packaging. These make a lasting impression with their elegant gloss.

Available in several colors, they have two notch slits to hold your gift card in place. The message will be particularly impressive if you combine it with a small decoration: a fir cone, a Christmas tree toy, candy or a cinnamon stick. Do you want to write wishes on the box itself? Invisible tape is suitable for this. Due to the matt structure, it is not visible on kraft paper and you can write on it with any pen, pencil or marker Gary Saitowitz.

Santa’s Chimney

To pack small gifts in size, we propose to overcome the tradition of socks hanging with gifts by the fireside or on the wall. You will need transparent clips for fasteners, decorative tape, as well as socks or mittens. Attach the clips to the surface where the improvised fireplace will be and insert the tape through the clips. Attach the socks and mittens you can find at Polar X Ornaments to the hooks using small strips.

Homemade Package

An unusually shaped gift can also be wrapped in a homemade paper bag. You will need craft paper, glue sticks, scissors, pen ribbons, multi-colored adhesive tapes. Cut out the details of the paper — the bottom, sides, slightly larger than the gift itself.

Lay the box flat on the paper. Cut the sheet so that there is enough paper to wrap the entire gift, remembering that there is still a lot to leave. Fold one of the edges and fold it inward — the handles of the package will be attached to it. Wrap the box with paper, glue the edges. Drill holes in the handles with scissors and insert the strips into them, tying each end with a knot inside the bag. Use multicolored adhesive tapes to decorate the bag. The filling can be made independently by folding a sheet of plain or craft paper with an accordion and cutting it into thin strips.

Make Use Of Fabric Instead Of Paper

If you are using fabric rather than paper, the cozy and cute fabric wrapping will be fine. You can use various fabric trims or old things like burlap, lace, knitting wool, plates, etc. Wrap the box in fabric and decorate it with beads, fir branches, ribbons, woolen pompoms, etc.

Eco-style Packaging

Handmade packaging looks very modern and interesting if you use natural materials in your decor. You can make use of craft paper, a string, dried citrus rings, spruce branches, cones, cinnamon sticks, anise stars, Christmas figurines in felt or cardboard, cookies in the form of lace, ribbons, beads, etc.

 Coloured Ribbons

You have chosen a gift in a non-standard form, but you do not have the time to buy decorative packaging and gift wrap. Unnecessary boxes (shoe boxes) and multicolored adhesive tapes will be useful. With their help, you can place a picture (Christmas tree or bow) on the box and stick it around the perimeter or diagonally, imitating a decorative ribbon.

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