Seven Simple Yet Creative Ways To Spruce Up Your Home With Mosaic Tiles

March 11, 2020

For those who know a bit, mosaic tiles can make or break the look and feel of a place. When used right, these stunning tiles can create the illusion of a masterpiece! Mosaic tiles can add a wide variety of patterns, colors, sizes, textures, and more to practically any place in your home. These tiles are additionally accessible in various shapes, sizes and styles – not simply those regular squares. So make certain to familiarize yourself with the huge choices accessible before leaving on your tile venture!

Where to Use Mosaic Tiles?

The vast majority of people use mosaic tiles in rooms, for example, kitchen, bathrooms, and living area. Subway backsplash tiles are more popular for kitchen adventures while shell tiles make a perfect option for bathrooms. In any case, you can use them on dividers and floors in any room given that you need to make a style statement. If what you need is using mosaic tiles on the floor, make sure to check with the store that they are sufficiently strong to withstand day by day walking from feet and furniture.

Top Tips for Mosaic Tiles

Here are some quick tips to use mosaic tiles at their best:

  • Use comparative shaped tiles in similar shades for a contemporary look.
  • Use small tiles in a single shading to add surface.
  • Mosaic tiles in intriguing shapes are incredible for making a point of  convergence at any place.

1. Styles


Mosaic tiles are ideal for making designs on walls, as splashbacks in the kitchen, and around the vanity in the washroom. You can always use some interesting patterns of mosaic subway tiles as backsplash to add a pinch of style.

2. Surface


Mosaic tiles in fascinating shapes and similar hues, for example, Galaxie Turquoise Iridescent Glossy Glass Tile, makes surface in a room without including an excess of shading, and feel extravagant.

3. Style Statement

Style statement

Ideal for a statement splashback or highlight, subway backsplash tiles are anything but difficult to clean, add enthusiasm to any case nonpartisan space, and look astounding when introduced accurately. Shell tiles also work great when you want to leave a style statement in your laundry or restroom.

4. Design-Inspired Interiors

Design-Inspired Interiors

Mosaic tiles can be utilized as a starting point for any interior design adventure and make a workhorse room, for example, a laundry or restroom, feel complex and design-driven.

5. More Will Be More

More Will Be More

When talking about tiles, go big or you go home! Think of redundant examples and neutral vanities to bring a significant change in the way your place looks.

6. Play with Scale

Play with Scale

Differentiate a mass of small mosaic tiles with large design tiles on the floor. It’ll feel like a single shading on the dividers, yet with a lot of 3D surface.

7. Play with Art

Play with Art

In case your home has the stuff to steal away an art statement in your washroom, at that subway backsplash tiles may be more your thing.

So these are the seven creative ways you can spruce up any place at your home using mosaic tiles. The best part about these tiles is you will find an extensive variety of mosaics in the market today. Stores — both offline and online, are dealing in a multitude of options when it comes to buying mosaic tiles for homes. Whether you are planning to renovate the washroom or just need to glam up a wall — these tiles are the perfect option to go for.

Don’t wait, follow these tips and we are sure you will end up with a masterpiece at your place! In any case, you can always rely on experts like Alder & Tweed to do the job!

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