Benefits of Kaolin Clay for Your Beauty Routine

July 28, 2021


Do you want to upgrade your beauty routine and take it to a whole new level with one of the most beneficial ingredients out there? If your answer is ‘yes’, look no further because we’re here to help you out! Kaolin clay is exactly what you’re looking for, so keep on reading to find out more about this wonderful ingredient. Just stay with us and learn more about it and its amazing benefits. Enjoy!

First of all – what is kaolin clay?

In case you aren’t familiar with this fabulous ingredient, we must say that kaolin clay is a type of cosmetic clay rich in silica. It also has neutral pH, which makes it the mildest of all the cosmetic clays out there. Kaolin clay is typically white; however, it can sometimes be pink or green, too. Its color depends on the minerals and plant materials found in it.

What is particularly important about kaolin clay is that it has a very soft and fine texture. Just a tiny bit of water will be more than enough to achieve a thick enough consistency perfect for applying on your face. If you already haven’t, give kaolin clay a fair shot and you won’t make a mistake!

How can it benefit your skin?

●       It is an amazing facial cleanser

First of all, kaolin clay is a fantastic facial cleanser you simply need to try. It is very mild yet so effective, which makes it ideal for people with problematic skin. It will gently exfoliate your face and remove the dead skin cells from its surface while absorbing impurities from the pores at the same time.

Needless to say, it’ll leave your skin soft and smooth afterward. All you need to do is to add a pinch of kaolin clay to your favorite cleanser. This will give this skincare product an excellent mineral boost, which is exactly what your dull skin needs!

●       It will detox your skin and unclog your pores

Speaking of white kaolin clay, it is a perfect choice for people with oily skin due to its amazing detoxifying properties. Even though the majority of people struggle with clogged pores every now and then, the truth is that this is a real problem for ladies and gentlemen with oily skin. Their pores get clogged with dirt, bacteria, dead skin cells, makeup residue, and excess oil that can do more harm than good if not treated properly.

Luckily enough, kaolin clay is a perfect ingredient that can detox the skin and allow the pores to appear smaller. So, apart from a clay-based cleanser, use a kaolin clay facial mask as well, and you’ll see incredible results in no time!

●       It absorbs excess oil

Although your skin needs its natural oils to keep it healthy and supple, the truth is that excess oil can be a huge problem. If that’s exactly what bothers you, too, be sure to rely on kaolin clay. In fact, all types of clay are great for absorbing oil from your skin. However, as kaolin clay is the mildest of them all, it’ll absorb excess oil without stripping your skin and causing dryness.

It’s a fantastic option for all skin types – just do a patch test on your neck or the inside of your wrist before you use it on your face. It’s crucial because for people with overly dry skin, as they’ll get to see how their skin will react before actually applying it to their face!

●       It fights acne

Last but certainly not least, kaolin clay can also help fight acne. It’s because this magical ingredient largely benefits acne-prone skin by getting rid of acne-causing impurities from your pores. As it is very mild and gentle, it won’t irritate your skin or dry it out. This is the best choice for people with problematic skin prone to acne as they can freely cleanse their skin without causing irritation, redness, and inflammation. So, if that’s the case with you, give kaolin clay a try and you will see what we were talking about!

As you can tell, kaolin clay has so many fabulous benefits, so be sure to incorporate it into your beauty routine as soon as possible. This is particularly true if you have oily skin, but any other skin type will benefit equally from this incredible ingredient. So, introduce it into your everyday routine and you’ll see a fantastic improvement shortly. It’s a promise!



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