Top Five Reasons Windows Are The Most Important Element Of Your Home

November 16, 2022

You might think that your windows are not that big of a deal. As such, you do not spend too much time choosing them. If you want to replace your windows or you are building a house from scratch, you tend to go for whatever you can find. You understand that a house needs windows, but do you realize how important they are? 

Sure, plenty of elements of your home will be extremely crucial. Your roof, for example, is super important. It traps in lots of heat, keeps your home protected from the elements, and can even be a key selling point that adds value. However, today’s post is all about your windows. Why are they so important? Why is it vital that you consider them when styling your home or making improvements? 

Let us find out!

Bring natural light into your home

Without windows, your home would run exclusively on unnatural light. Basically, it would rely on your lightbulbs to illuminate everything. Firstly, this throws up some major energy concerns. A lack of natural light will mean that your electricity bill goes through the roof. So, from this perspective, windows help you save money by restricting the need for lights to be turned on. 

Next, natural light is important for the comfort and appeal of your home. How would you feel about living in a house with no windows? It would be more of a prison than a home! Okay, what if you have a couple of windows here and there? It is no longer a prison, but it still does not feel that comfortable at all. Natural light illuminates your property and makes it feel so much better to live in. You no longer feel trapped – everything seems brighter and more open. 

When you go to sell your home, buyers are always keen to pick houses that generate a lot of natural light. From a comfort perspective, it makes the house seem more homely and better to live in. Plus, natural light can bring out the colors in your rooms and enhance the interior design. The only way to get sunlight in your home is through strategic window placement. This is why it is so important to consider where your windows are placed, how big they are, and what style they will be. If you want to be a big home improvement, replacing your windows with new designs that encourage more natural light is a brilliant idea. 

Boost your energy efficiency

Most people are aware of how important a roof is for energy efficiency. However, your windows are arguably as important, if not more. A key element of trying to winter-proof your home is to check the windows and ensure they are insulated. The right windows will trap a lot of heat in your home and stop it from emanating outside. Similarly, this works in the opposite direction and prevents cold air from entering your property. 

As a result, good windows can make your house considerably more energy-efficient by reducing the demands on your heating system. Instead of turning the thermostat up to a high temperature for hours a day, you can turn it down or keep it off. You will spend a significantly lower amount of money on heating bills during the year with some good windows. Plus, as we touched upon in the first point, windows can lower your electricity bill by letting in a lot of natural light. So, this contributes a bit more to the overall energy efficiency. 

Consequently, you really need to pay attention to the type of windows you have in your home. Primarily, what glazing are they? Are they single-glazed or double-glazed? Single-glazed windows are old-fashioned and should be removed right away. You should strongly consider installing replacement windows throughout your property if you have single-glazed ones. Double glazing will add more thickness to the glass, meaning they are more thermally efficient. If you want to go one step further, opt for triple-glazed windows. Again, more insulative, yet more expensive. 

We have banged on about energy efficiency throughout this section, but it cannot be understated. Yes, this will mean your house is cheaper to run and maintain. You will save a fortune over the course of a lifetime when your home is better at using energy. At the same time, we have to go back to the thought of selling your home and boosting its value. The more energy efficient it is, the more you can sell it for in the future. 

Block out sounds from outside

As someone who has lived in a house with single-glazed windows and windows that were not installed correctly, I can tell you that they make a huge difference. The amount of sound you hear from outside is horrendous. Cars sound so much louder, but the main problem is that every single person that walks past your house sounds like an elephant. Their footsteps seem so loud, and you can hear every word that they speak. It is not very nice at all, for multiple reasons. 

Mainly, it makes you feel really uncomfortable in your home. It is hard to relax when you can hear so much going on outside. As a result, sleeping becomes a struggle – especially if you are trying to go to bed early. You can also feel weirdly unsafe when so much sound travels inside your home. Even though there are walls and things protecting you, it makes you feel like you are outside with all the other people. 

With that in mind, you need to do two things. Number one, install your windows correctly. Check if there are gaps in your current windows where the sealant has worn away over time. If there are, get them sealed up to make your home soundproof. Number two, always ensure you choose double-glazed windows at the bare minimum. We spoke about them before, but the added thickness does more than insulate heat. It prevents sound from traveling into your house, making everything feel muted. You may still hear the odd car engine, but it will not be loud enough to distract you. 

Improve your safety

We mentioned safety a few moments ago when talking about windows that let too much sound in your home. In that instance, it’s more about your perception of safety than anything else. You know that you are technically safely tucked away in your home, but it does not feel that way because of all the exterior noise. 

Nevertheless, windows do actually play a crucial role in determining how safe your home is. Thin windows are easy to break. They can crack and smash when hit with minimal force. For example, someone can just use their elbow to smash a window and break into your home. Or, a ball could hit the window and break it. In either case, your safety has been compromised. 

This is why you should take great consideration when choosing windows for your home. Whether you are upgrading some or installing new ones in a new home, ensure they offer the utmost security. Again, they need to be thick and strong. This makes them much harder for people to break – and you also get more protection from the elements. Some windows even come with alarm systems that trigger when they are been breached. 

If you want to make your home feel safer and more protected, you need to focus on the windows!

Upgrade your exterior and interior design

Everything we have spoken about is important in its own way. Natural light makes your home more inviting and comfortable, energy efficiency helps you save money, soundproofing improves your daily experience, and safety is obviously supercritical. 

Having said that, your windows will also be important from a design perspective. A set of good windows throughout your home will make or break your property. Bad windows with crusty frames and old-fashioned designs can make your house look incredibly ugly. The unique thing about windows is that they affect both the interior and exterior design. So, if you want to improve curb appeal and upgrade your interior design, windows are the things to focus on. 

There are so many different styles and designs you can choose from to make your house look better than it is. In fact, upgrading to some new windows is one of the easiest ways to enhance the aesthetic of your property.

Boost the value of your home

Lastly, all of the things on this list have one key thing in common. What is it? They all contribute to improving the value of your property. Windows can dictate your property value by making it go up or down. Bad windows that are old, not very insulative, ugly, and thin will make your value decrease. The same can be said of homes without many windows, meaning there is a lack of natural light. 

On the other hand, new windows that are energy efficient, soundproof, and highly stylish will make your house go up in value. So, when it is time to sell, you will get as much money as possible. 

Overall, this shows you just how valuable windows are. If they are not the most important element of your home, then they are definitely in the top three. 

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