Electric Outboard Motor: Worth The Investment?

November 16, 2022

There are plenty of things to consider in choosing electric outboard motors, and it can be a daunting task. Experienced boaters and beginners can find choosing a suitable outboard motor challenging. The amount you have to shell out to purchase an electric outboard is no laughing matter. You must be wise before spending that hard-earned cash. 

One thought that surely crossed your mind was shifting from gas to electric outboard motors. It is best to keep an open mind, do your research, and read a proven reliable electric outboard motor buying guide.

Electric Outboard Advantages And Drawbacks

Electric outboard motors are slowly gaining in popularity because of their many advantages over gas-powered outboard motors. These types of motors are environment-friendly. They do not produce noxious fumes, and they are whisper-quiet. You can go fishing early in the morning or late at night without disturbing your neighbours. Here are more of the advantages of electric outboard motors.


#1. Extremely Low Maintenance

An electric 6 hp outboard motor only needs a thorough rinsing to get rid of dirt and salt water after every use. In contrast, gas-powered 6-hp motors need periodic maintenance aside from regular flushing. You will need to buy engine oil, filters, and spark plug, and add to that the labour cost and time spent.

#2. Growing Market and Market Support

The market for electric outboard motors is at its growth stages and still has plenty of room to expand. As the market grows, more and more replacement parts and upgrades will come out, making them cheaper and more accessible. As the demand for a product grows, so does the community of users. 

Clubs and organisations have been established all over social media to bring together owners from around the world to share knowledge and experience of using an electric outboard motor. This trend helps build the confidence of first-time electric outboard owners in knowing that they are not alone in their chosen type and that there is plenty of support they could get from other club members. 

#3. Quiet, Smooth Operation

Electric outboard motors are extremely quiet (ideally the 6 hp outboard motor), especially compared to their gas-powered rival. The difference in noise production is immense. You want a silent engine if you are looking to relax or enjoy nature. The quietness helps in fishing, too, as the noise of a gas engine can startle fish. There is no loud revving when it comes to electric outboards. 

Gas engines make noise and vibrate as long as they are on. There is no need to shout so your passengers can hear what you are saying when at speed.

#4. Less Pollution

Gas outboards have fluids that need to be changed, such as the oil and grease, the parts that need to be replaced, like gaskets and filters, are all waste products and are potential pollutants to the environment. The engine fluids can also leak into the water if fuel lines or oil seals unexpectedly fail. These are the toxic fumes that gas outboards release when in use.  

#5. Rechargeable

Electric outboard motors can extend their travel distance without stopping home for a recharge. Solar charging and hydrogeneration are two methods to recharge your electric motors on the fly. Solar power uses the sun as the main source of electric power, which charges the electric motor’s batteries. Hydrogeneration is hydroelectric power generation when the sailboat is pushed by the wind, which spins the propellers. This spinning then charges the batteries. The recharged batteries can then power the boat when there is little wind.


Electric outboard motors are great, but they are not perfect. Some of the things going against it are as follows:

#1. Acquisition Cost

Perhaps the biggest hindrance you will encounter when choosing an electric outboard motor is its price. The initial money shelled out to purchase an outboard motor can be intimidating. You have to be wise before any acquisition.

#2. Few Choices

There are very few manufacturers to choose from for the 6 hp electric outboard motor segment. However, even gas outboard motor manufacturers are now starting to produce their own electric outboard engines — a testament to the rise and recognition of the need for electric-powered boats.

The good thing is that the price of electric outboard motors can only get cheaper as demand rises. The lack of periodic maintenance also adds up, and after a few years, the 6 hp electric outboard motor comes out as more affordable to own.

Final Thoughts

Is it worth it?

An electric outboard motor practically pays for itself. You will be able to save money from the virtual lack of maintenance and the years of reliable use. The good thing is that you not only save money in the long run, but you also save time. 

The growing community of existing users solidifies the reputation of electric outboard motors as the next big thing. Electric outboard motors may be newer than gas-powered ones but are here to stay. The same could not be said for the latter.

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