CBD Could Be The Gamechanger You Have Been Searching For

July 28, 2021

While there are so many great reasons to love being an adult in the 2020s, CBD is definitely in the top ten. Remember back in the “olden days,” aka, when we were just tweens and young adults — if you had a headache, there was medication for that, stomach ache — medication for that. Mental health issues were barely getting touched on, and alternative remedies for the side effects of life-saving medicines and therapeutics were virtually unknown. Enter CBD. It has been a game-changer for everything from anxiety and depression to your run-of-the-mill tension headache. Let us explore even further the why and how CBD helps us in the myriad of ways it does and even different ways to utilize it. 

CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol. If you are well versed in the benefits of marijuana consumption, you already have a pretty good idea of some of the benefits that CBD can bring into your life. However, the cool thing about CBD is that it is not psychoactive, so you will not experience the mental “high” that cannabis users do, mainly just reap the benefits of the plant’s enormous benefits to the body.  

Choose Your Delivery Method 

While most people that use CBD are looking for the benefits of the cannabis plant without the high, they also enjoy the fact that they have more control over the dosage that they are receiving. This is why it is essential to choose a way to partake in CBD in a way that you feel most comfortable with. Whether you prefer gummies and edibles or want the oil straight from the dropper, the results are going to be the same, and you may just feel the faster, or they may linger longer depending on the dosage and delivery route. With so many ways to ingest CBD, visit a local dispensary or do your research online and try several different ways until you decide which one is best for you. 

Find Your Type 

There are also several different types of CBD from which to choose. You can go full-spectrum — meaning it contains all the extracts found in the natural plant. When you are choosing the full spectrum, which includes trace amounts of THC, you may experience a little bit of a psychoactive response, but for most people, that is a good thing and what they are looking for! There is also Isolate CBD that contains CBD only. And, lastly, there is Broad-Spectrum CBD which contains CBD and multiple other cannabinoids but no THC. The benefit of purchasing from a dispensary or natural foods store is that the staff there can really walk you through what you are looking to get out of CBD use and help guide you towards the product that will be your best fit. Now, there are even CBG CBD tinctures that have the oil in the purest form and closest to nature. The point is, you want to educate yourself on what you’re going to be consuming and how it is going to benefit you. 

Speaking Of Benefits 

There are so many benefits to the use of CBD it is almost impossible to list without writing another article altogether. But, to sum up, it is most beneficial for people suffering from chronic pain and inflammation, depression and anxiety, inability to sleep or stay asleep; nausea; the list really does go on. CBD has even been shown to help reduce cancer growth in some studies, but the studies are still in their early stages. Whatever is ailing you, though, CBD is likely to be able to help in some capacity. 

Do Not Forget Your Furry Friends

CBD is not just beneficial to humans either. It is marketed and sold as a health supplement for our family’s furry members as well! If your dog suffers from chronic pain, nausea, or anxiety, many holistic veterinarians will suggest giving CBD a try to help your poor pooch before more severe medications are prescribed. The oil can be mixed in with their food, or it is also sold in tasty treats or pastes that can sometimes be easier to administer. 

At the end of the day, what we put in our bodies is all about what we are comfortable with. Thankfully, CBD is a natural product, and with a bit of research or talking to someone in the field, your mind can easily rest assured that the risks are minimal and the benefits are massive. So, do a little online research, maybe ask some friends — they probably use CBD already and jump on in; the water’s fine!

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