Tour of the Colosseum of Rome

August 1, 2021

The Colosseum of Rome was built nearly two thousand years ago by the Roman Emperor Titus. The opening of the Colosseum was celebrated by a total of hundred days of sporting events. The Colosseum was the heart of Rome, where it could hold almost seventy thousand spectators. 

The Colosseum is built with many vaults and tunnels, which indeed amaze archeologists. It is truly an architectural wonder while measuring 620 by 513 feet. Today, it has become a tourist attraction with Colosseum Underground Tours taking place.

 The Colosseum is famous for its gladiator fights watched by thousands of spectators and many legends. The fighters used to train backstage and walk through the underground tunnels.

When a fight used to begin, the fighters were lifted by elevators. Slaves pulled the elevators, and the fighters would rise from the ground to a roaring crowd. There were many types of fights held at the Colosseum, such as animal fights. Gladiators used to fight wild animals such as tigers, lions, and wild boars.


After hundreds of years, the Colosseum has been restored and is open to tourists from around the world. Unfortunately, the Colosseum was used as a fortress during many wars and suffered from many tragedies. For over a thousand years, it became a victim of vandalism and carnage. Population eroded its marble and structure while bandits stole its decorations and precious artifacts.

The history of the Colosseum is truly fascinating for many people and enthusiasts. Many fighters in the Colosseum were prisoners of war who were fighting for their lives. While being at the peak of their physic, Gladiators were fighting slaves and people with little to no fighting experience.

During the hundred days fighting at the opening of the Colosseum, almost two thousand fighters were killed in the arena. With many exotic animals being killed along with countless executions. The Colosseum was built to keep the people entertained while their lives were miserable and unjust.


The Colosseum is truly a wonder for people who love Roman architecture. A total of five million annual tourists visit the Colosseum. The Colosseum is also known as the Flavian Amphitheater; it still gives a great impression despite being badly damaged by earthquakes and wars. As a result, it became one of the seven wonders of the modern world in 2007.

The underground tunnels can also be visited by tourists, which gives a real-life experience of the gladiators’ pathways. After the demise of the Colosseum, it was used as a church, storehouse, and shelter from time to time. 


The arena floor of the Colosseum was made out of wood and covered by sand. Since the wooden flooring was destroyed, today, the hypogeum is visible from above. The hypogeum consists of two floors which contain many tunnels and vaults. The gladiators during to train in the hypogeum before entering being elevated to the arena.

The tunnels are connected to many rooms and also cages where exotic animals were caged. It is said but not confirmed that the Colosseum was sometimes filled with water to imitate naval sea battles. The Colosseum is also surrounded by many historical structures from the Roman era. Such as the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill.


The Colosseum is truly a wonder and a must-visit for someone who loves roman architecture. However, to fully appreciate the beauty of the Colosseum, it is suggested to get hoteling nearby with a view.

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