Here Are The Best Ways To Wash Your Bedsheets

August 11, 2021

Bed sheets are one of the most common bed linen products that consumers indulge in. Comforters, duvets and blankets are seldom bought or changed whereas bed sheets are something that keeps the space happy and alive and to keep your bed looking fresh and inviting.

Most people spend most of their time in the bed which means that bedsheets accumulate a lot of germs and dirt and require special and regular cleaning every week or two. Bed linen comes in many different fabrics and types and washing instructions for each of them differ. This means that extra care should be placed whenever one washes bed sheets. Read on to find out some of the best tips to care for your bedsheets and learn how to wash linen.

Caring for your bed sheets

It is quite common for most households to wash the sheets of the beds rarely and sometimes even once in a few months. In many countries, the weather may not provide for the best of opportunities to wash bed linen as regularly as one must.

In colder countries, it is difficult to dry the sheets since colder countries require thicker and warmer sheets to keep their beds warmer. But this also poses as a nest for bed bugs, dust mites and other germs to make bed sheets their cozy habitat. This is why, whenever possible, it is recommended to wash sheets despite the weather as regularly as possible, just as one would in a tropical country.

For warmer countries, most people use lighter bed linen and the weather also allows for easy washing and maintenance of the sheets. Although, warm countries make people sweatier and most people tend to perspire through the night, which makes bed sheets vulnerable to sweat, germs, and smell. So despite where you’re from, it is recommended to wash sheets as regularly as possible to avoid the build-up of germs.

Tips to care for your bed sheets

 1. Wash Regularly

Experts recommend washing sheets as regularly as possible, ideally once in a week or at least once in two weeks. Bed sheets can accumulate a lot of germs and dust and therefore can pose allergy and infection risks for those who are sensitive to allergies. Based on the usage and weather, wash sheets as often as possible.

2. Read Wash Care Label

Most bed sheets are made from cotton and linen fabrics but it is best to rely on the wash care label attached to the sheet. It usually guides the users to help wash the sheets in the right way, with the right things such as temperature and detergent guidelines.

3. Opt For Hotter Temperature

If the wash care recommends a warmer range, opt for the hottest temperature in the range, this helps in getting rid of all the germs and bacterias in the sheet and keep your sheet clean and disinfected. Use a mild detergent along with a presoak detergent to get rid of any stains or marks on the sheet.

4. Dry In The Sun

Dry the sheets in the open space and in the sun as much as possible as it helps in further disinfecting the sheets. If not, use a dryer but do not let the sheets dry for a long time as sheets can shrink over time.

5. Wash Colors Separately

Always separate your load according to the colors and wash light colors separately to allow the sheets to hang on to their shades as long as possible.

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