Trendy Theme-based Interior Design Ideas for Your Home

August 11, 2021
Interior Design Ideas


Another year has passed, and you are still stuck at home trying to cope up with the effect of coronavirus. Instead of spending your time without having to do anything, you can probably utilize it in designing your home with the support of good interior designers in Bangalore.  

Bangalore is amongst the most thriving metropolitan cities in India and has a diverse culture. People from different parts of the country come and settle here in the hope of living their dreams. So, purchasing property and setting it up to make it worth living is something that people enjoy.  

If you have recently shifted here or have been looking forward to getting your home or condo interiors done, you should take some time to research current interior trends before you start working on them.

2021 interior design ideas for your home

 1. Using light-colored wood for preparing home furniture

Different types of woods come in different shade colors. Between the years 2010 to 2020, a lot of wooden furniture was made with dark-colored wooden lamination. You got so used to seeing dark furniture everywhere that people almost forgot about light woods such as rubberwood and maple wood.

In 2021, the trend of using light wooden lamination has come back, and you can use it in places where you want to create a larger illusion. A light wood shade gives an impression of open spaces, and so they make your room look bigger.

 2. Add some texture to your home with a terrazzo design and rattan weave

Rattan is a great material used in rural areas to make bags, mattresses, rugs, and baskets. It has gained insane popularity and can be practically used in any part of your home.

Most homes in Bangalore like to keep their home decor very subtle, and so, rattan and terrazzo are excellent choices for wall and floor cladding. Another great thing about rattan and terrazzo is that they complement light wooden furniture.

 3. Use 2021’s Pantone colors in your house

If you are associated with the field of home interiors and decor, you would know that Pantone decides the color of the year every year. This year they have picked the Ultimate Grey and Illuminating, which are the shades of the years.

One is a classic grey, and the other is a sunny yellow. You can use the combination of the two colors in your bedroom and living room furniture. The majority use should be of ultimate grey and add a cherry on top, illuminating for soft furnishings.

 4. Pick round furniture instead of square

If you take a look at most homes in Bangalore, they have straight lines and square furniture. It is because the last decade belonged to sharp-edged furniture.

However, it seems like the curves are back to rock as more and more interior designers in Bangalore are not insisting on using round furniture in the living and dining rooms. You will see more round-shaped chairs, tables, and even rugs in 2021.

 5. Bringing back the 80’s retro trend

The 80s marked all glam and shimmer looks in the movie industry. Taking some inspiration from them, pick a particular element in the room that quickly grabs a sight. It should not utilize the entire room space. It should just be one corner of the room that gets the most amount of attention.

These were some top trends in the home interior for 2021. You should still consult an expert to discuss your ideas and pull them off together without any mess.

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