Best Tips For Staging Your Home: Interior Design Trends To Follow

October 18, 2021

Before selling your home, you may want to think about decorating or redesigning it. Hiring a professional stager like Advantage Property Styling interior design is a great option.

These experts can help style your home in the right way, depending on the size, cost-effectively.

Virtual staging helps the interested customer see themselves living in a space, making them more inclined to buy it right away.

When you stage your property for sale, several design techniques will help you maximise the exposure and marketability of your home.

According to the International Association of Home Staging Professionals, the sales price for staged homes is 20 percent more than marketed competition prices.

Create An Open Floor Plan Where Ever Possible

A staged home should look more significant than one that is not staged, even if both are the same size. The principle applies to any area with multiple rooms or levels, but it is imperative on the ground level. It helps potential buyers to judge whether they can fit their furniture into the space before they move in.

One way to create free moving space is by removing all partitioning walls and displaying an open floor plan. You can hire a specialist like Advantage Property Styling interior design to make your house look appealing.

Incorporate Open Storage Spaces

Small closets can appear smaller when there’s a bunch of stuff piled on top or inside them. Large wall-to-wall closets are overkill for most people as well as expensive to renovate. It is best to avoid adding closet doors whenever possible. You can instead opt for open shelving with plenty of hanging rods for clothes. It will give each room a cleaner look, maximize space, and open up plenty of room for furniture.

Add The Latest Home Appliances

If you are selling your home, it is a good idea to upgrade or add some high-tech features before showing it off. It might include anything from installing smart locks to installing TV screens in every room.

As long as no visible wires are leading out of each screen, it is typically an automatic upgrade. 

You can outsource the job to home staging experts in Australia for helping you add electronic machines.

Arrange Maximum Seating Space In Different Rooms

Buyers should get an accurate idea about how much seating space they have by simply looking around the home.

Every room needs at least a few spots where a potential buyer can sit down and chat, whether a formal living room couch or a comfortable chair in the bedroom.

Add Soft Lighting Throughout The Entire House

No one wants to buy a dark house, so you must make sure there’s plenty of ambient light pouring in through large windows with minimal drapes.

At the same time, you must try to avoid harsh overhead lighting that makes it difficult for anyone sitting on furniture or walking around.

Expert home staging companies in Australia can help install dimmers where possible so buyers can adjust the mood of each room before they ever step inside.

Arrange A Professional Photographer To Take High-Resolution Photos Of Your Home

When it comes to selling your house, you need someone with experience to come in and take snaps of each room without any distracting backgrounds.

An expert home redesigning company will provide professional photographers to take attractive pictures of your home. This will help you promote your home better in the market and bag good deals.


A professional stager like Condo Staging companies in Toronto has a lot more to work with than you do.  They have good experience and training that allows them to see things that you might not even notice.

They are the right choice when you want to prep your home for sale.

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