Three Clever Storage Ideas When Staging Your Home For Sale

May 23, 2022

Has the time come to sell your home? If so, there is a big chance you’re looking for tips to sell your home faster, at a decent price, which home-staging is part and parcel of.

And, unbeknownst to many, the home selling process becomes easier and faster if the potential buyer can envision themselves as the owner. But a few things may get in the way, including clutter, dilapidation, and all that.

With this in mind, the need for extra storage space often arises in the home selling process.

This article should enlighten with clever storage ideas you can use when preparing your home for a sale.

What Is Home Staging? 

Home staging simply refers to preparing a home for a sale — by making it more attractive to a potential buyer. When staging your home, you are simply setting the stage by rearranging things, redecorating, repainting, or even conducting an overhaul remodel.

In many instances, it also involves removing your personal belongings such as family photos, valuables, and personalized possessions to help the prospective buyer to see themselves as the new owner of the house.

Home Staging And Storage 

From decluttering to repainting, home staging may involve a plethora of tasks that require extra storage. The common denominator in most if not all of them is — renting a storage unit is often a great solution.

Finding A Good Storage Unit 

And we live in an age where online tools add convenience while helping save tons of time and money. Self-storage finders are a good example in this case. A quick search using such a tool on storage units in Sacramento California provides you with a list of the various available units around Sacramento.

Smart Storage Ideas When Home Staging 

Below are a few ideas you can borrow as far as storage for your personal possessions is concerned:

1. When Decluttering

Nothing quite pisses off potential buyers than finding the home they are about to buy disorganized, cluttered, and looking unkempt. Well, this is exactly what happens if you skimp on decluttering when staging your home.

Clever ideas: 

Renting a storage unit would be the best option to free important or usable items that seem like clutter in your home. When you really need to declutter during staging, you can also donate some of your old stuff to charity, give them off to friends, or even sell them to willing buyers.

As for the latter, the extras or proceeds from your garage sale can be used to make your home more presentable to prospective buyers.

2. Giving It A Fresh Lick of Paint

Nothing quite makes a home more appealing to potential buyers than a fresh coat of paint, especially the walls, ceilings, and fixtures within the areas you consider the most important selling points.

When repainting your interior, you will obviously need to move things around or wrap them up with polythene to ensure they do not get stains from the paint job.

Clever ideas: 

If you have some precious furniture pieces or one-of-a-kind valuables, the best you can do is create more storage space in your home or move them into a storage unit. You can also pack them and move them into a different room, stack them in your garage, or borrow the extra space in your friend’s home.

This not only helps ensure your belongings are protected from paint stain, but it also helps ensure the repainting process takes place smoothly and efficiently.

3. Moving 

In some cases, you might find the need to vacate your home before preparing it for the next owner. Perhaps you got a new job or your boss just promoted you to a new lucrative position that requires you to move.

Maybe you are downsizing, or your relationship demands that you move closer to your partner in a different city.

In these and more cases, you may not be able to bring all your belongings to your new place, and you can’t leave them in the home you intend to sell either.

Clever ideas: 

Again, renting a self-storage unit could be your best solution. The extra space in your neighbor’s, relative’s, or friend’s home could also be a great option. You can also choose to sell some of your belongings to willing buyers or even start a yard sale in your own home.

To sum it up, creating the right storage plan is definitely crucial if you are serious about selling your home. It helps make your home more attractive to prospective buyers, and you might actually end up making more money from the sale of your home. The above few ideas can help you in this endeavor.

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