Top Interior Design Tips To Improve Your Creativity

July 12, 2021

When preparing to sell your home, the first step is to get a free, no-obligation valuation from a reputable company such as Spring. Once you know what your property is worth, the next step is to showcase your home to maximise its appeal to purchasers. 

Many buyers are looking for spaces where they can be more creative and productive, especially now so many of us are working from home. People tend to feel most relaxed when they’re in their comfort zone and that is when creativity really starts to flow.

So, making a few interior design changes to suit an ideas-driven, creative lifestyle can significantly increase your chances of selling your house quickly. They do not have to be expensive renovation projects: here, we have rounded up some expert tips to get you started.

Embrace Color

While you might argue that a monochromatic colour scheme offers a blank canvas on which your creativity can take shape, the studios and homes of many designers and artists are overflowing with vibrant color. Specific colors are known to inspire creativity: yellow is energising and motivating while orange is uplifting. Blues and greens encourage calmness and give a feeling of space, ideal for mulling over ideas for your latest project. Whichever colors inspire and motivate you, splash them across furniture, walls, artworks and accessories.

Do Not Be Too Precious With Furnishings

Creativity thrives in a home that is designed for a relaxed way of life. Choose furniture that can withstand a few knocks or splashes of paint. A leather sofa that is easy to clean or one with washable covers is a better choice than one which will show every mark. Look out for a table that you can put a coffee cup or wine glass on without worrying about leaving a mark. And position your desk in front of a window or looking out into the room: creating an open, feel-good space will encourage creative thoughts.

Make It Easy To Be Active

It is well known that taking regular breaks to exercise is a great way to boost creativity and make your working day more productive so keep your yoga mat or weights close to hand. And create a variety of workstations. For example, moving from your home office to a standing desk or large bean bag in another room gives you a change of position that can help to keep you motivated.

Incorporate Space For Play

Just like exercise, play allows you to de-stress and frees up your headspace to be more creative. Whatever play is for you — throwing a ball for your dog, playing a board game with the kids or doing your favorite sport, make sure it is a prominent feature that is easily accessible in your home.

Spruce Up The Bathroom

Creative ideas often pop into your head when you are dreaming and not really thinking of anything, for example, when you are in the shower. A bathroom with a calm, spa-like atmosphere is the perfect place to relax your mind and body. Decorate in soft, neutral colors and add interest with candles, green plants, and accessories.

Showcase The Tools Of Your Trade

Do not hide away the tools of your trade, but incorporate them into your decor; then, you will be more likely to use them often. For example, a painting in progress or a weaving loom in the corner of your living room enhances an atmosphere of creativity.

Display Your Memories

Show off exciting collections of objects, especially those that remind you of adventures. Surrounding yourself with your favorite photos and stories is an excellent way to ignite your creative spark and inspire fresh ideas.

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