The Cannabis Grower’s Guide: Choosing A Grow Light

August 12, 2021

Cannabis is an incredible plant; it offers numerous health benefits, and there is even evidence to suggest that it could help ease depression symptoms. With that said, if you are among the many who hope to grow their own cannabis plant to either reap the health benefits or indulge recreationally, you must know the process of correctly growing high-quality cannabis as the specifics are entirely different from that of raising a regular indoor plant. 

One of the vital pieces of growing equipment you will need to get started is a grow light. While a grow tent and a few other essentials are necessary, a grow light is arguably one of the essential features your grow room will need. So, to help you choose the right type of grow light, we have listed a few details that will help you determine which light is suitable for your cannabis plant. 

LED Grow Lights

LED grow lights from Nextlight and other similar retailers are an excellent choice. These emit light that will assist with flowering and vegetation. And some even come equipped with a switch to alter the light spectrum according to different changes in the plants’ development. LED lights are also the most energy-efficient choice, so this is an excellent choice for anyone growing cannabis long-term or hoping to start their own cannabis dispensary. And because these grow lights permit less heat, it will be easier to control the immediate temperature environment for your plant. There are zero risks of burning plants, which means monitoring your plant will also be more straightforward.

LEC Grow Light

LEC grow lights can create a natural spectrum of light, making identifying issues with your plant easier. In addition, because LEC lighting emits UV-B rays, improved yield and trichome production can be expected. The setup and operation are also relatively straightforward, and they have an impressive lifespan, so it will prove to be an investment. The main downfall is the high cost of LEC lighting and that they tend to generate quite a lot of heat, which means you will need to monitor your plant closely to ensure burning is not a relevant factor. This grow lighting is most suitable for growers that will be hands-on and exceptionally invested in the plants’ development. 

HID Grow Lights

HID grow lights are an affordable option. They are pretty simple to set up and operate, suitable for beginners who aren’t entirely sure how the process works just yet. With that said, HID lights can produce excellent yield as they are reliable and consistent. It is also a perfect option for both plant growth and flowering. On the downside, HID lights emit a lot of heat that can dramatically enhance the temperature environment, which can be problematic. You will also need additional equipment to operate HID lighting, such as ballast and a reflector. And even though these are the most affordable option, HID lighting does not have a lengthy lifespan, so you will also need to replace them frequently. In addition, they aren’t an energy-efficient solution, so your power bill will be notably high. 

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