Eight Jobs You Can Do While Travelling The World

August 17, 2021

People who love to travel always search for jobs that will allow them to roam the world like birds. Most people who usually enjoy travelling have to save up a lot of money, purchase tickets, apply for visas, and only then travel to fulfil their travel dreams. What if we told you, you could earn while you travel? Lately, the trend across the globe for people with wanderlust is to earn as they travel. Doing this allows them to see different places and also live their dreams. 

If this sounds like the lifestyle you would like to lead, you should start applying for some of these jobs. However, while we urge you to follow your passions, we would also like to caution you about the importance of correct documentation. Since you would probably start travelling to different countries and working, you would need to get your paperwork, visas, and insurance in order. You should consult immigration lawyers in Leicester and start working on multiple country visas while you search for the best jobs. 

Let us look at eight jobs you can do while travelling the world. 

  1. Teach English:

English speakers are known for commanding some of the best salaries simply by teaching English to non-English speakers. Suppose you plan to travel to a non-English speaking country. In that case, you should think about joining a language academy that focuses on students leaving the country and moving to the UK or USA for higher education. 

Most of these students need to apply for the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and need good scores to get into the university of their choice. Teaching such students English is a fulfilling job that will allow you to make great money and travel the country. 

  1. Tour Guide:

If you are in a new country and have seen and read about the famous tourist spots, you could become a Tour Guide. Tour Guides who can speak fluently to foreigners and explain the sites and their importance gain significant traction. Such tour guides are in high demand, and most agencies will also feature you on their websites when people book tours. 

  1. Flight Attendant:

You would need to undergo a course to become a flight attendant and follow all safety rules and procedures. However, it is well known that the job of a flight attendant is a highly well-paying job that allows staying in classy hotels, free air travel, and services paid by the commercial airline. When on-call in a foreign country, you can easily roam around, see places, and get paid to be there!

  1. Cruise Ships:

Working on a cruise liner allows you the flexibility to see some of the most beautiful places on earth. You can easily make a living while travelling the world. Most cruise ships hire people with a background or education in hospitality. You may need to complete a course or certification. While you are getting paid, the liner will also take care of your accommodation and meals. 

  1. Teach Yoga or Dancing:

If you are skilled at workouts, training, athletics, yoga, or dancing, you can easily travel the world giving freelance lessons. If you build a popular social media page and announce your tour dates, you could get class bookings in advance and plan your worldwide trips. Doing this allows you to follow your passion, teach your hobby, and earn money — all at the same time!

  1. Bartending:

Bartending is one of the jobs that never goes out of style. If you have the certification and experience to back your skills, you can quickly get a job anywhere in the world. You would have to maintain your work visas and moonlight at bars. However, you can travel and explore each country to your heart’s desire. 

  1. Web Designing:

Web designing requires a course and a highly technical bent of mind. If you have the necessary skills and are willing to work, you can easily make tonnes of money by becoming a website designer. Most designers need only their laptops and an active internet connection to create websites. You could work and travel with your computer as you make money. 

  1. Travel Blogger:

Becoming a travel blogger is a well-paying job too! All you need to do is host a blog site and start writing. As you edit, add pictures, and more, most travel companies start approaching you to write about their tours in exchange for free travel, stay, and accommodation. All you need to do is say yes to the collaboration and write about it. You may have to write for free initially, but you will soon start making money. 

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