Home Appliances: Fixing common problems yourself

August 17, 2021

Home appliances are a life-saver for all of us. It is a given that without them, we wouldn’t last a day. Unfortunately, sometimes the appliances that help us, stop working. What do we do? Well, before you pick the phone up and call a technician, it’s better to take a look yourself. You can probably repair appliances yourself, no matter what the size or brand is. GE appliance repair is as easy as repairing the appliances of any other brand.


Why should you DIY your way through appliance repair?

An easy way seems to be calling a technician or appliance repair services, but hold up. Here are a few reasons why you should try it out yourself.

  • Saves cost: A good technician can cost quite a bit. Although we do not deny one when the need arises, common problems are fixable; this can help you save costs of calling a technician.
  • Learning a skill: This could be a great chance to learn how to fix common appliances. We are all learning and growing through life. 
  • Quicker: DIYing your way through an appliance repair can help you do it much faster. Calling and booking an appointment can not only be tiresome but also take a lot of time. Instead, you can try it yourself and save the wait.


Common appliances and problems you can fix yourself

Following are some of the devices and their relative issues that you can repair quickly by yourself.



You may think that fridges are hard to fix because of their big sizes, but that’s not true. You can quickly set a leaking fridge by yourself. A leaking fridge can have many reasons; either the defrosting drain or the freezer drain is clogged. You can fix this by removing the electrical plug of the refrigerator and looking for the drain cap. After removing the drain cap, you can use a blow dryer to melt the ice in the drainage tube. Then, to get rid of any other blockages, remove them from it by a small wire.



A dryer can start having problems too, maybe it’s making a lot of noise, and you want to quiet it down. There are a few easy ways to fix this. First, you can set it by lightening the weight of the clothes you place in it at a time. You can also try to check if the clothes are sitting on a leveled surface.


Air conditioners

Our AC units can cause problems too. If your AC isn’t cooling, try to check if it’s switched to cool. Afterward, you can check the air filters. Cleaned air filters can be a game-changer. For this, you have to remove the filter of your AC unit and dust it; you can also give it a light wash, but be careful not to damage it. Afterward, place it back and enjoy a cooled room.



Common problems are also present in a dishwasher. For example, if your dishwasher isn’t doing the dishes, it’s probably because of a clogged drain in it. You can fix it by cleaning the food filter. For that, remove the lower rack of the dishwasher and clean off the filter screen by using a vacuum cleaner. Also, check the float switch to make sure it isn’t clogged either. Finally, by giving the switch a jiggle, you might solve your problem too.


Fixing small home appliances isn’t an arduous task. Make sure to take care of the preventive measures and if the job you know is way over your head, call in a professional.

Good luck!

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