How to Style Your Front Yard

August 18, 2021

Front yards are usually thrown to the backburner when designing and building a new home. Homeowners are more concerned with the design of their backyard and adding lavish elements like outdoor bean bags to their entertaining space than to their front yards. While your backyard is an important space to push a majority of your budget you shouldn’t forget about your front garden. As well as setting the tone and first impression for anyone walking past it also can enhance the appearance of your home. Today we’ll be giving you a few of our favourite simple tips to style your front yard. 



Landscaping lights are a cheap but very effective way to add some extra interest to your front garden, it can also make your space look like it was designed by a professional. There are a large range of solar lights you can choose, so once you put it in the ground you don’t have to touch it again. 


You can put these lights in the ground around your walkway, bordering your garden beds or as a feature light underneath some trees and plants. If you want something a bit more refined, you could buy some lanterns or fairy lights that can wrap around things and create a lighting that recedes into a walkway. 


Garden Beds and Planting 

Creating a garden or flower bed can bring a pop of colour in your space. You can add these flower beds under a tree to give it some character, in doing this you should try to follow the same colourings in the rest of your garden, to create a cohesive look. You can also add a little garden bed underneath your letter box, this can give your front driveway and entrance a little extra character. 


Plant a Tree for Shade 

Planting a tree can work in creating a central focus in your garden and when it grows taller, as a source of shade. A tree can work as shade for other plants when it comes round to summer, or as a way to block out some of the stronger rays that may enter through your window, heating up your home. Most trees are resilient and will grow in any condition, making them a perfect and cost-effective way to add something to your front garden. 


If you’re after something a little more from this tree, you can also plant a seasonal flowering tree. It’ll become the real centrepiece of your home and make it look amazing when it comes round to springtime. Japanese maple, cherry or wisteria can bring a delicate and colour style to your home. 


Encourage Some Natural Wildlife 

By adding a bird bath or feeder you can encourage more local birds to come to your yard as well as adding some decor to your front garden space. There are a lot of different styles and options to choose from that can enhance the style and colour palette of your home. It can also create a tranquil and educational space, especially if you have children, they can get a close hand experience at learning about the wildlife that lives around them. 


Front Fences and Gates 

Repainting or replacing your front fencing can add some value and modernise your front space and enhance the first impression people experience when entering your home. With many options and materials to choose when replacing your fence, including stone, timber or hedges, you’ll be sure to find the right style to match the exterior of your home. This refreshing of your fences can also be applied to any railings or balustrades around your front steps or veranda. 


Creating and refreshing your front garden can be as easy as weeding, replanting and repainting any plants or structural elements of your house that can be seen from the front gate of your property. By completing these few simple and cheap ideas you can increase the curb appeal and value of your home exponentially. If you’re after any additional furniture or decor to add more appeal to this space visit our website to view the range of items available. 

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