Want Extraordinary Professional Events? Get These Basics Right

August 18, 2021

Professional events have always been the meeting place for like-minded people for discussing ideas, share inspirational anecdotes, and most importantly, create a resilient network to form a cohesive community that can ideate and co-create together. Events have always helped in the creation of a professional platform for reaching out to the audience including stakeholders, co-partners, sponsors, and other investors at one go. No marketing personnel has ever been able to undermine the leveraging capabilities of a simple event. Moreover, planning and designing effective events have been the go-to technique for all sectors like corporate, corporate, education, sports, or other private segments.  


The effectiveness of a professional event depends on a few pillars of fundamental people management techniques or theories. It is crucial to follow these proven strategies to plan the best events and get the maximum return in terms of outcome, from the same. 


One of the industry experts, David Tutera mentions that one of the most important attributes of a good event is that its attendees will never feel stuck or bored in it. This means that there must be a flow chain of programs that continuously changes every 30 minutes so that the audience remains in awe of the event. According to David, less has always been and will be more. Therefore, to get expert assistance in planning fabulous events go through the following basic strategies mentioned in this article to make it an epic show.


  1. Event Location and Space


This is one of the most important factors to consider while planning the event. Often in the pursuit of getting the finest locations for hosting the event, organizers completely forget about the fact that the location needs to be accessible for the majority of the attendees. You might miss a significant percentage of potential attendees if the event location is difficult to reach. Therefore, it is always recommended to choose an easily accessible event location.


Choose a space that has enough room for the attendees to move around, talk, interact, rest and feel comfortable. Have a designed layout for better utilization of space. Immaculate designs that define the space for entry, food, discussions, and ideation, clicking pictures, resting, and other relevant activities will keep the audience high-spirited and helps to maintain a consistent level of interest.


  1. Relevant Event Theme and Design


It is crucial to design the event in such a way that it has a relevant theme or aligns with the event goals. This means that it is of prime importance to figure out the event rationale like creating awareness about the business brand, generate sales lead, host a performance, generate publicity, launch a product or create a space for business conferences, meetings, or educational purposes like seminars.


 Clarity on the rationale and the expected outcome will help you to design the event properly with relevant content and programs. For instance, if the event has been planned for brand recognition purposes, then it must have a theme about core business philosophies, business aspirations, and how it wants to serve its customers in the end.


  1. Getting Creative with Architecture


3D architecture and design have always been of great help for event planners. This is because a three-dimensional architecture is an effective tool for projecting small spaces as large and accommodating. Moreover, you can also use the 3D printing technology for making the event look remarkable and trigger a sense of curiosity and interest among your audience. You can always consult some of the best event planning companies for some great tips to optimize the use of small spaces. Moreover, 3D printed furniture and fixtures help to reduce the cluttering of space and make way for a better-managed event.


  1. Branding Illustration


A well-designed logo and signage techniques are indispensable tools to push forward the event identity through the audience. The logo should be able to create a long-lasting impression on the attendees, as it is the sole symbol of your event, which will travel far. Therefore, it is very important to create a relevant logo. You can go through some of the case studies of the leading brands to master the tips on making your event logo memorable. Moreover, after curating the logo it is also imperative that you get it printed on the furniture used in the event, uniforms, and other easily noticeable areas. You can also make use of exterior signage, channel letters, graphic walls, and floor decals. 


  1. Frequency to Trigger Actions

This refers to the number of times that an attendee has to be notified before he or she can think about taking action. There is no one magic number about the correct effective frequency but a useful rule of thumb states the number to be seven. This means that on average a potential attendee or audience has to be notified about the event around seven times before he or she starts thinking or taking action about it.


The Final Verdict


These are the salient features or factors, which set apart an ordinary event from an effective professional event. Therefore, do not panic and set these strategies as a ground rule for hosting a successful event.

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