Seven Types Of Hats For Women That Are Trending

April 23, 2022

Fashion is an ever-changing industry. As trends change and fashion designers change everything from streetwear to business attire, keeping up to date on what is and isn’t “in” can be a bit of a challenge even when it comes to hats.

No matter what your style is or whether you have a big head or a small head, the perfect hat can be the just you needed to spice up or accessorize an outfit. Since there are so many choices available to you, though, take a look below at the kinds of hats that are trending to help you make your choice.

#1. Straw Hats

As the perfect summer time, beach hats, and straw hats are especially popular this season. Whether you go with a wide-brimmed, floppy sun hat or a narrow brimmed straw fedora, straw hats give your outfit a whole new feel. If you have a small head you can still rock a straw hat during the summer, You can check on to help you choose the best styles and trends for you.

If you are looking for an artisan shop that offers a variety of straw hat styles, be sure to check out Stetson. With dozens of choices, they hand make all their straw hats from high-quality materials so that you get a hat that will last. They even offer some different colors so you can wear a traditional straw-colored hat or a fun navy blue one!

#2. Furry Hats

Although, we are getting ready for summer, furry hats are expected to stay in style come fall. They were trending during the winter months and although the summer heat will mean you will probably want to leave them at home, do not get rid of them!

Furry hats first came back into style in 2021, but they continued to be worn throughout January, February, and March. Since they are so fun, we expect them to come back in full swing once the weather cools back off. If you do not already have a furry hat in your collection, now may just be the perfect time to buy one before prices go back up!

#3. Beanies

Believe it or not, beanies are still holding strong and have come back into the fashion scene. The best part about beanies is that they are not limited by size and are great hats for big heads! The stretchy materials means anyone can wear them without worrying about stretching the material too much or damaging the hat.

Beanies allow for a lot of fun self-expression. You can find them in every color and pattern you can think of and even with words or short phrases. Some beanies may even have pompoms or ears on the top to add a cute, playful touch to your outfit. 

#4. Snoods and Balaclavas

You may have seen snoods and balaclavas trending on social media, but did you know they were also seen on the runway? Designers such as Alyx, Max Mara, Givenchy, and Balmain sent models down the runway wearing snoods, so you will not be the first to be seen in public wearing one.

While snoods do resemble many religious hair coverings, they started out as a more fashionable hairnet. Modern fashion snoods (also referred to as balaclavas) look much more like thick scarves and are used to keep warm more than to keep hair out of your face.

Wearing a snood is not that difficult. They’re better for cold weather as they can be thick, heavy, and very warm, but if you like knitting and want something to work on during the next few months, knitting your own balaclava can be a great way to fill your time and add to your wardrobe!

#5. Bucket Hats

Ever since they came back into fashion in the late 2010s, bucket hats have dominated the hat scene. They are seen everywhere: on the street, in clubs, in the movies, and even on the runway! Bucket hats are especially fun, because they are available in so many different patterns and colors and often have symbols, clip art, or short phrases on them.

If you want a way to add color to a monochrome outfit or you want to give an otherwise serious outfit a playful spark, bucket hats are a great way to do so.

#6. Baseball Caps

Baseball caps are often adjustable, making them a good hat for big heads. However, this is not their only feature.

The great thing about having a baseball cap in your closet is that they will likely never go out of style. While different colors and patterns may come and go, the hat style itself is a timeless accessory that you will be able to depend upon for years to come.

#7. Headscarves

You will probably argue that headscarves are not technically a hat, but since they are used to cover your head and serve relatively the same purposes, we are going to include them here at the bottom of our list.

Headscarves are the perfect headwear no matter how big or small your head is or how much hair you have. They come in all sorts of materials and can be found in any color you dream of. Many headscarves are patterned, though they do not have to be. Sometimes just a plain, single-color headscarf is all you need to tie together a perfect outfit. 

While many stores offer fun headscarf options, there can be many more patterns and larger sizes available online. As a cheap accessory, you can easily support small and locally owned businesses by looking for headscarves on Etsy.

Improve Your Style With A Hat

Hats are a super fun accessory to add to your closet as they can greatly improve any outfit and add a new feel to a well-loved look. For those who struggle to find hats in their size, try looking specifically for hats for big heads. Many stores and websites exist to help you find any style of hat in a size that will fit you so you can wear hats without getting a headache.

Wearing hats may seem intimidating at first, but there is no special trick to make them look better or worse. As long as you go out with confidence, adding a hat is an easy way to stay up with the trends and accessorize. 

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