How to Make Your House Have More Curb Appeal

August 20, 2021

Houses are made up of a lot. There’s what you see–that is, all the obvious components such as the siding, the roof, the paint job. Then there are the more hidden things, such as the structure, the electrical wiring, and the plumbing situation.

Many people will tell you to beware those hidden things, since they tend to be the ones that get you. And that is always great advice.

But there is also something to be said for those more apparent elements, since those are what give a house its curb appeal.

Curb appeal matters because every prospective buyer will have a first impression of your house at some point, and that will usually be when they are driving by on their own, without the agent.

The best Knoxville real estate is presented beautifully to entice shoppers to come in and take a closer look.

How do you increase that curb appeal? Here’s how.

Upkeep the Lawn

First up is something really simple: taking care of your lawn. It’s part of normal property maintenance, but you’d be surprised at how many deals don’t get made because prospective buyers view an overgrown lawn as a sign of an overall bad property.

Cut the grass, do the weed whacking, trim anything overgrown, and you put yourself in a much better spot.

Redo the Front Door

Probably without even realizing it, people’s attention when approaching a house almost always goes to the front door first. It’s the focal point of a house’s exterior. It’s the thing you’re going to see every day when you go in and out of the house.

To give this some pizzazz, paint the door a fresh new color, or add some decor to it such as a wreath or something else homey. Anything that gives the impression that you really care for your home and its appearance will help you to attract buyers to come inside and look around.

Mind the Siding

Siding on a house serves numerous purposes. It’s there to protect the home from the elements and also insulate the structure against infiltration from sunlight, moisture, and insects.

That’s the practical side. From the layperson’s perspective, siding on a house either looks nice or it doesn’t, and that’s what you have to consider when you’re trying to sell your house.

If you have old, ugly siding that’s definitely seen better days, you might want to upgrade that before listing your house. Seeing brand new siding on a house will tell buyers that someone cared for this structure and took care of something big that they themselves don’t have to worry about now.

And that’s the idea of all of this: curb appeal tells passersby that this house has value and is worth buying.

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