Six Simple Tips To Get Your Children Ready For Moving Day

September 10, 2021

Leaving your old home and settling into a new one is difficult no matter the circumstances. But if you have children, everything becomes twice as complicated. Kids may have a harder time accepting that you are moving, as they may not entirely understand why it’s necessary. On top of that, they may get in the way on the very day of the move, which is stressful even if everything goes smoothly.

So, is there a way to prepare your children for moving day and avoid any potential issues? We have asked Oz Moving, an NYC moving company, for some advice, and they’ve given us a few excellent tips!

1. Tell Your Children About The Move Early On

When you tell your children about the move, you can expect tears, anger, or even tantrums. Still, as much as you might want to avoid the conversation, you should not put it off. In fact, the sooner you talk about it, the better — preferably the moment you make your final decision. That way, your children will have enough time to go through grieving stages and get used to the idea of moving.

If your children are still very young, you will need to remind them about the move once in a while. Do so in a casual way, as if you are talking about a fun activity that’s coming up in the future. That should soothe any fears or anxieties they might have about the move.

2. Help Them Imagine Their New Life

Your children will undoubtedly be upset about moving — there is nothing you can do about that, and you should let them go through it. However, there are ways to make them a little more excited about their new home. And one such method is helping them visualize their new life in the new place.

For instance, you might wish to show them pictures of the new house and the spots around the neighborhood you are sure they would love. Talk to them about ice cream shops, playgrounds, friends they will make, activities they will take up. Be prepared to answer all of their questions, and most importantly, stay positive!

3. Let Them Decide How To Decorate Their Room

The whole moving process is sure to be chaotic and messy, and your children definitely will not have much say in it. That might make them feel scared or anxious, which will only cause them to act out. So to avoid that, try to figure out how to give your children at least some decision-making power.

And one of the easiest ways is to let your kids decorate their future rooms. For instance, ask them what kind of curtains they would like, whether they want some posters, what color the walls should be. That will keep them busy and make them excited so they will not be quite as affected by the move.

4. Sign Them Up For Activities In The New Place

Even before you actually move, do some research about clubs and activities that are available in your new neighborhood. If your kids are currently in some sort of a club, find a similar one and sign them up ahead of time. That way, they’ll be able to just continue with the activity they love even after the move.

And even if your children never took up any activities in the past, now might be a perfect time. They’ll adjust to the move faster if they have something to occupy their minds right away. On top of that, clubs are excellent places to make friends, which is exactly what your kids will need in a new environment.

5. Pack And Donate Old Toys While They Are Sleeping

All kids have toys they never play with, those that collect dust at the bottom of the drawer day after day. Naturally, there is no need to bring such toys along to a new house — they will only take up space that could be used more wisely. Still, if you do try to throw these toys out while your children are looking, you will have to face angry protests. Those are their toys, after all, even if they never really think of them anymore.

So, what do you do? Well, you can simply take those toys and pack them in donation boxes while your children are asleep or away. That way, you will avoid unnecessary commotion, and your kids probably will not even notice that those toys are gone. 

6. Have A Moving Day Kit For Your Children

Usually, the best thing to do is get or hire someone who can watch your kids during the move so they do not get in the way. But if that is impossible for any reason, you need to take some additional steps to prepare.

First, you should let your children know your plan for the moving day and what is expected of them. Then, make sure to prepare a moving day kit — one that includes their favorite toys, snacks, coloring books, and a tablet with cartoons. All that should keep them entertained and busy, so they won’t have time to interfere with the process.

In Conclusion

As upsetting as moving can be for your children, there are ways to make it a little more pleasant. Try out some of our tips, and both you and your kids will have a far easier time dealing with this change. And remember, the most important thing is to find some time for your family and to stay positive!

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